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Create a Mini Movie For Field Trips!!!

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Keywords: Video Making
Subject(s): Information Skills, Photography, Video, Technology, Journalism
Grades 4 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: 116th Street Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA
Planned By: Brandi Bass
Original Author: Brandi Bass, Los Angeles
The lessons should start 3 weeks prior to field trip:

Week One: Groups of 3 students/group will be formed (form groups that include different levels of students, I recommend high, medium, low) Groups will come up with a group name and select one member for each of the following roles: photographer(takes pictures only), filmmaker (shoots 30 sec. videos only). and cinematographer (who decides what filters to use for photos and order of photos and videos for film). Each group will be given a description of each role ( created by teacher) and will role a die for order of choice, highest role selects job first.

Week Two: Groups will learn about the location of the field trip and read information about the field trip on line or through brochures or correspondence from field trip coordinator. The following task will be assigned: Your job is to create a video that captures the excitement, learning, and beauty of our field trip to _____. You must include video and photos in your movie. Provide a rubric of the criteria ( Title, group names, captions, clear photos,music etc.) Please adjust rubric to student level. Also, please create guidelines for acceptable use of camera. Student groups will create a plan of scenes they want to shoot. An example might be: Photo 1 (photo of students on bus), video 1 (walking into the museum), etc.

Week Three: Teacher should model the process of taking picture/video and using the Magisto app on a projector. Student groups practice taking photos and video and using the Magisto App. A schedule should be created so that each group gets use of smartphone/tablet daily in 20 minute increments, while other groups plan and prepare. At this time, teacher is instructing students on smartphone/tablet camera and video and assisting groups in planning stages.

Week 4: Week of the field trip. Review all of the concepts covered and have students take notes or create a handout with ideas you want your students to remember. You will need a tablet/smartphone for each group on the day of the field trip with the app on each device. Students will work in groups during the field trip. Encourage them to take more photos/videos than needed just in case.

Week 5: Students will work in groups editing photos and videos and uploading into the app. Create a checklist that matches the rubric so that groups know all parts required in assignment. Students will present their videos and other groups will grade them on a 5 point scale for Creativity, Clarity, Photo/Video Selection. Teacher will assign grade based on rubric criteria.

There are different apps that can be used, choose one you like.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students can use smartphone and app to teach a historical event or science concept.
Present at Open House event for parents
Materials: Scientific
Other Items: 8 Smartphones , $399.00 each, total of $3192.00
8 Magisto App Subsciptions (monthly) Yearly $19.99, $4.99 each, total of $39.92