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Dude, Be Nice Essay

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Keywords: typing, technology, essay, nice, positive, character building
Subject(s): Information Skills, Technology, Writing
Grades 4 through 7
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: Keyport Central Elem School, Keyport, NJ
Planned By: Jessica Polak
Original Author: Jessica Polak, Keyport
The learner will be able to nominate a person who they feel has made an important contribution in their life that works at KCS and type an essay about them following a previously created format.

8.1A Grade 5 CPI 3, Use a graphic organizer to organize information about problem or issue.
8.1B Grade 2 CPI 1, Illustrate and communicate original ideas and stories using multiple digital tools and resources.
8.2C Grade 2 CPI 1, Brainstorm ideas on how to solve a problem or build a product.
8.2E Grade 2 CPI 5, Use appropriate terms in conversation (e.g., basic vocabulary words: input, output, the operating system, debug, and algorithm).

- Preferential seating
- Modified Homework
- Extended time if necessary

Learning Objectives
The learner will be able to nominate a person who they feel has made an important contribution in their life and type an essay about them following a specific format.

DOK level 4 - create

Introduction/Anticipatory Set
Teacher will show a video about a Dude. Be Nice Project.'s random act of kindness for a school custodian. Teacher will then have students discuss with a partner the subject of the video. We will then discuss the nominators as a class.

Modeling/Guided Practice
Teacher will describe in detail the NOMINEE requirements and then the essay format itself in detail.

Independent Practice
Students will spend the remainder of the period working on their Dude. Be. Nice essay to be turned in at the end of class.

Teacher will ask each person to share something that they have expressed while working on today's lesson about themselves.

proper classroom behavior, essay to be turned in via google classroom at the end of class, class discuss, partner discussion

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This is easily a cross curriculum project between English/Language Arts and Technology as students were required to TYPE their essays.
Essays were printed and then distributed to the staff members throughout a 3 week span. All recipients were thrilled to receive them.
Materials: Short Throw Projectors, Video Tools, Printers, LCD Monitors, Power, Keyboards, English/Language Arts, Writing, Keyboarding, Authoring and Publishing, Internet Services, Student Resources, Assessment, Integrating Technology