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Sketchnotes Reading Comprehension

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Keywords: Reading, Comprehension, Retelling, ELA, Technology, Engagement
Subject(s): Art, Social Studies, Video, Social Skills, Technology, Dyslexia, Special Needs, Writing, Speech and Language, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grades P-K through 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Indian Hills Elementary School, Topeka, KS
Planned By: Marci Gudenkauf
Original Author: Marci Gudenkauf, Topeka
As I begin introducing students to the vocabulary relating to our weekly story, students will use ipads to sketchnotes of what they think the meaning of the vocabulary word is. They will then share their drawing with a partner and discuss if the meanings are correct. We will then discuss as a class. We will do this for each vocabulary word.

Students will then use the ipad to use sketchnotes during our story to help with comprehension. Students will draw pictures of what they think of while listening to the story. By sketching notes this helps students comprehend and remember the main details in a story.

Once we have completed the story, student do a gallery walk to observe other students drawings. They also have the opportunity to leave positive notes about each other's work.

At the end of the lesson students will create a flipgrid video on the ipad to retell the main idea and details of the weeks story.

Students will be able to easily share their sketchnotes and videos with me via their google drive.
This is one of many possibilities for more engaging lessons with the use of ipads within the classroom.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
We could use ipads for Social Studies research projects to be able to comprehend nonfiction texts and create flipgrid videos or use sketchnotes.
We would use this activity again on a different text to see how students remember the use of technology and if it helps with comprehension.
Materials: Whiteboards, Mobile Labs, Video Cameras, Reading, Literacy, Writing, Video Tools, Dyslexia, Speech and Language