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Mrs. Mary Massey's Wishlist
Computer Microphone, $33.00, 0.00% raised Total Wishlist Cost: $626.20

Sharp EL-520 Scientific Calculator Why I need this:
A class set of 35 would be enough to help all of the science students in my classroom and it would double up for use in the pre-algebra and Algebra classroom next door!!!!! We need to teach the energy unit and calculate work, distance, force, and of course converting F to C and more! These calculators seem like a little thing to some, but for children who may not be able to afford them---they are a big deal!
Single Unit
Quantity: 35 Price: $14.95

Computer Microscope USB Why I need this:
The possibilities are endless to how much I can use this in my classroom. We can observe so many things under a microscope that do not exist to the naked eye. Two units in particular would be the animal and plant units when they could analyze cell structure.
Single Unit
Quantity: 1 Price: $69.95
This USB Microscope allows for real-time display on computer screens, enabling multiple students to view detail at the same time.