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ProfileMr. Stephen Jasper's Wishlist
School Portable PA System, $2106.00, 1.70% raised Total Wishlist Cost: $2,270.75
Top Wishes
School Portable PA System $2106.00
Cyber Acoustics ACM-1b Monitor/Lapel Microphone $6.59

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School Portable PA System Why I need this:
Our PA system is out of date and the speakers are blown. We do many professional developments and have key speakers but often the audience can not hear them because of the microphone or speakers. In addition, the plays and performances that we put on can be difficult to understand because of low volume. This device would allow a gym full of 300+ parents to hear what is being shared by the speaker or by the performer.
Single Unit
Quantity: 1 Price: $2106.00
The School Portable PA System is perfect for school events, plays, sporting events and more!

Cyber Acoustics ACM-1b Monitor/Lapel Microphone Why I need this:
I have been trying to incorporate microphones in the classroom so teacher can record their voice for students that need additional help. Furthermore, students can use microphones to present what they learned. Public speaking is a valuable skill that most companies feel their employees need help with.
Single Unit
Quantity: 25 Price: $6.59