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ProfileMs. Sara Sicona's Wishlist
Advanced Yearbook & Photography Club Digital Camera Mobile Lab, $2999.00, 0.00% raised Total Wishlist Cost: $2,999.00

Advanced Yearbook & Photography Club Digital Camera Mobile Lab Why I need this:
My goal is to bring an introductory DLSR photography class to our school. Ití»s a natural addition to our three digital based classes. In addition to our Publications class, where our students design the yearbook layout. Our Web Design class where students run our schools website. Live Oak high school added a Media class which covers school events and works with post-production software. I would also like to expand my classroom into an alternative photographic processing room for students who are interested in 19th century photography. I wrote my Master's thesis around one academic school year using cell phone imagery and alternative processes paired with modern technology.
Single Unit
Quantity: 1 Price: $2999.00
This lab is configured for advanced yearbook and photography club users needing the power, performance and portabilty of the Nikon Coolpix series cameras