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ProfileMs. Tamera Steele's Wishlist
SanDisk Ultra 8GB SDHC Memory Card, $99.50, 19.42% raised Total Wishlist Cost: $513.32
Top Wishes
SanDisk Ultra 8GB SDHC Memory Card $9.95
Wireless Mouse $22.99

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SanDisk Ultra 8GB SDHC Memory Card Why I need this:
For use with teacher cameras
Single Unit
Quantity: 10 Price: $9.95
Capture a memory every day on this 8GB SanDisk Standard SDHC card. It's easy with affordable, quality cards from the minds behind flash memory.

Wireless Mouse Why I need this:
With our close-quarter computer lab, every spare inch counts! Having no wires means no more tangles with younger students.
Single Unit
Quantity: 18 Price: $22.99
Belkin's Wireless Travel Mouse is perfect for taking on the road-no messy cables to get tangled, and more comfortable to use than your laptop's track pad.