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"Flip" Your Classroom Upside-Down Contest

After a thorough staff review of the entries, Digital Wish named Heath Slade of Mt. Olive High School the winner of contest. Mr. Slade's students used the literary classic "The Great Gatsby" as inspiration to "Flip their Classroom Upside-Down." The students produced an original rap song which acted as an informative narrative to the main character of the book, Nick Carraway. Modeled after a popular rap beat, Mr. Slade's student's performed their version of the 1925 classic, 'The Great Gatsby' several times at their school.

Jeremy Delamarter's video entitled "Maggie Does Statistics" was also a hit among Digital Wish staff members. In the video Jeremy's daughter Maggie demonstrates the basic concepts of chance and probability by using her two brothers as control variables in a social experiment involving candy. This video does well at displaying the versatility a lesson plan can take on when using a Flip Video. Although instructional, Jeremy's piece still manages to incorporate a sense of comic relief.

Mr. Miller and Ms. Cady at Port Orange Elementary also produced an excellent video piece in which students gave a 'breaking news' commentary of the Boston Masacre. Through modern scripting, interesting camera angles and great student acting this piece was not only commical it was also extremely pertinent to their lesson.

Mrs. Hutter of Fenton Elementary also put together a tremendous Flip Video project that our staff admired. In her video entitled "Magnets in the Dirt," Mrs. Hutter recorded students running around the school's playground testing the bonding properties of magnets using uncommon outdoor objects. Through sheer trial and error, Mrs. Hutter's students quickly learned that magnets only bonded to objects that were made up of Iron. Much to her students' surprise, pebbles found in among playground soil stuck to the magnets.

You can view all of the video submissions from this contest on our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/video_response_view_all?v=vFqRhBBAgGY. For those of you who are looking for some classroom inspiration, check out this archive to craft your own Flip Video project today.