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Donor Thank You Template - From Teacher
Elementary Thank You Letter Idea Map
Generic Thank You Template With Fill Ins
Grade 2-5 Thank You With Fill Ins
Grade 3-5 Thank You Letter Pre-Writing Worksheet
Grade 5-8 Thank You Letter Worksheet
Grades PK-1 Thank You With Drawing - Example
Grades PK-1 Thank You With Student Drawing Template
High School Thank You Letter Template
Local Business Thank You Template - From Teacher
Middle School Thank You Worksheet
Parent Thank You Template - From Teacher
Quick Thank You With Fill Ins
Thank You Fill in Blanks -Student Template
Thank You Letter Parts Worksheet
Thank You with Class Picture

Letter Writing Campaign
Step 5 - Thank You Notes

You've done all the research, written the letters, and now it's time to send a big "Thank You" to everyone who donated to your project!

Tips for Success

  • Post your success story on Digital Wish and invite supporters to track your progress.
  • Let the kids write the 'Thank You' notes. The supporters will always appreciate personal notes from the students.
  • Be sure to describe how your project is progressing.
  • Take pictures and include them in your correspondence!
  • Digital Wish will automatically track online supporters, and send you an email notification every time there's a purchase made (coming soon).

Tracking Supporters

The hardest part is keeping track of contributions. The Digital Wish online address book is launching shortly. Soon you'll be able to track everything online!  Get a tracking system and stick with it.

Download Worksheets
Download the examples and templates to the left. These are copyright-free, so edit the text to fit your needs.