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NEA Foundation Student Achievement Grants

Description: The NEA Foundation provides NEA members with grants to improve the academic achievement of students in U.S. public schools and public higher education institutions in any subject area(s). The proposed work should engage students in critical thinking and problem solving that deepen their knowledge of standards-based subject matter. The work should also improve studentsí habits of inquiry, self-directed learning, and critical reflection.education that will inspire and enable teachers to prepare every American child to learn and thrive in a rapidly changing world.
Deadline: February 1, June 1, October 15
Grant Website: http://www.neafoundation.org/pages/nea-studen...
Foundation: NEA Foundation
Low Range of Grant: $2,000
High Range of Grant: $5,000
Subjects: English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Technology, Health and PE, Foreign Language, Social Skills/Character Education, Music, Journalism, Photography, Library, General Education, Writing
Keywords: Student Achievement, cross-curricular, critical thinking, problem solving

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