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Rockwell Collins FIRST Science and Technology Grants for Iowa Schools

Description: Through our Rockwell Collins Charitable Corporation, we make grants available for programs and initiatives. Our giving priorities include education with an emphasis in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and arts and culture with an emphasis in youth development. We believe that by strengthening the quality of education and providing opportunities for youth involvement and leadership, we are helping students prepare for the future. Several opportunities for educational support are on their website. ELIGIBLE STATES FOR GRANTS: Funding for a limited number of FLL and FTC teams in Iowa will be available through Rockwell Collins FIRST grants. The grants place a special emphasis on teams that have not participated in the past, teams that include minority students and females, and teams from schools with a high percentage of students on free and reduced lunch programs. Funding levels will vary and may include the cost of the robot kit, registration, field setup kit, or a combination of these items. FIRST teams residing in a state with a Rockwell Collins facility outside of Iowa can contact their programís FIRST affiliate partner for questions, concerns or applications regarding a Rockwell Collins grant. You can find all FIRST affiliate partners on the FIRST website. Please note, Rockwell Collins FIRST grants are available in the following states: Iowa Maryland Virginia Florida Texas Oregon California Tustin area Carlsbad area FIRST teams outside of these states are highly encouraged to visit the FIRST fundraising toolkit and/or to visit with their stateís affiliate partner for local grant opportunities.
Deadline: 2020 Grants to be announced after FIRST World Championships
Grant Website: http://www.rockwellcollins.com/Our_Company/Co...
Foundation: Rockwell Collins Charitable Corporation
Foundation's Website: http://www.rockwellcollins.com/Our_Company/Co...
High Range of Grant: varies
Subjects: Math, Science, Technology, General Education, Community
Keywords: STEM education, arts, culture, robotics, contest, FIRST

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