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Free Career Advice from CareerVillage.org!

Description: Free career advice for each of your students in minutes! Now your students can get free personal career advice over the internet. CareerVillage.org uses crowdsourcing to provide your students with high quality advice from their 10,000 volunteers. They have a 99.9% response rate and student requests usually get answered within the 24 hours. Just enter the invite code "Digital Wish" when you sign up where it says "How did you find us?". Setup your educator account and download a lesson plan here: https://careervillage.org/signup/educator/form/?source=Digital+Wish
Deadline: May 1, 2017
Grant Website: https://careervillage.org/signup/educator/for...
Contact E-mail: [email protected]
Foundation: CareerVillage.org
Foundation's Website: www.careervillage.org
Subjects: General Education, Staff Development
Keywords: career advice, lesson plans, staff development

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