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Social Media in the Classroom Grant

Description: What could a $1,000 grant do to upgrade your classroom? Win a Grant of $1,000 When You Show Us How You Use Social Media in the Classroom The Question: How are you using social media to enhance the learning experiences of your students? There is so much opportunity for learning using social media. We can connect with others around the world to communicate and share perspectives more than ever before, and with that comes the added concerns of credibility. What social media channels have you used to enhance your studentsí learning environment? What have you taught your students regarding using social media for sharing information?
Deadline: December 3, 2018
Grant Website: https://internet.frontier.com/resources/grant...
Foundation: Internet Frontier.Com
Foundation's Website: https://internet.frontier.com/
Low Range of Grant: $1,000
High Range of Grant: $1,000
Subjects: Technology, Community, Writing
Keywords: Social Media, Classroom Grant, Communication

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