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AIAA Aerospace STEM Grants

Description: The AIAA Foundation believes that one of the most significant means to inspire and advance the future of Aerospace is to fund grants to meet the unmet and unfunded educational need of students. Each school year, AIAA awards grants of up to $500 to worthy projects that significantly influence student learning. A clear connection to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) with an emphasis on Aerospace must be included in the grant proposal.
Deadline: January 17 2020 and projected January 17 2021
Grant Website: https://www.aiaa.org/get-involved/students-ed...
Foundation: AIAA
Foundation's Website: https://www.aiaa.org/
Low Range of Grant: $50
High Range of Grant: $500
Subjects: Math, Science, Technology
Keywords: aerospace, STEM, engineering, math, science

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