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Hotspot with 1 Year 4G Unlimited Internet Service

Item #: 1068 | Grades K-12
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Get a mobile hotspot loaded with one year of unlimited 4G LTE internet service for schools, districts and other public or private non-profit educational organizations

Get as many as you need. There's no ordering limit.

This program provides:
  • a mobile hotspot which can support up to 16 users at a time
  • one year warranty on the hotspot
  • a one year 4G LTE unlimited data service plan
  • one year of customer service

Determine if your school is in the coverage area. Important - Before ordering this service, go the the coverage map to see if your school is in the coverage area Check coverage now.

Digital Wish has multiple hotspot programs available. We will allocate your hotspot request (or donation) to the best, most economical service program available for your area. After you checkout, we will validate the school, identify the best available hotspot program, and provide instructions for activating service.

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected] or calling us at 866 344-7758.