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Scottish and Viking Cultural History - 6 CD Site License Donation

Item #: 1702-TS | Grades 7-12
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Scottish and Viking Cultural History Bundle - 5 CD Set with unlimited user perpetual Site License (retail value $2,249).

Digital Wish provides a range of donated curriculum based CD-ROM software for older computer operating systems. These are ideal for libraries and schools that need solid educational history, math, science and arts activities for their library collection and enrichment programs.

The Scottish and Viking Cultural History Bundle includes:
  • Northern Folk
  • A History of the Scottish People
  • Vikings
  • A History of the Shale Oil Industry
  • Scottish Country Dance
  • Kiloran Bay: Viking Pack

Northern Folk - The Northern Lights are just one of the unique aspect of North East Scotland. Take a virtual tour from Moray to Montrose through more than a millennium of Scottish life. This unique software brings the history of Northern Scotland to life for your students as they meet people from all walks of life. Traditions such as Farming, Fishing, Storytelling, Music, Belief, Domestic Life, and Industry are explored through movies, maps, music, and interviews with Scots aged 5 to 95. A clearly organized gallery is packed with wonderful images and informative text that will give your students perhaps their first look at this fascinating culture.

  • Interviews with Scots aged 5-95
  • Wonderful gallery of images and text
  • Examines traditions such as farming, fishing, storytelling, and music
  • Exciting multimedia format with movies, music, and maps
  • Highly informative text describes a fascinating culture

    A History of the Scottish People - This program will bring over a 100 years of history to life for your students. The massive archive of photos, film clips, text, statistics, and maps is easily navigated with clearly labeled buttons, so your students can fully interact with each page. Topics such as migration, immigration, health, employment, and leisure are presented in an extremely well-organized multimedia format. Students can search and browse by topic, theme, and sub-theme, and then learn more from a series of sophisticated essays. A collection of printable materials is also included.

  • Over a 100 years of history brought to life
  • Huge archive of photos, video clips, maps, statistics, and text
  • Interactive, multimedia pages
  • Searchable by topic, theme, and sub theme
  • Comprehensive collection of essays

    Vikings - Step into the time tunnel and find yourself in a Viking town. You'll uncover 165 archaeological artifacts, and meet experts who let you try on the hats of the historian, archaeologist, and scientist in this incredibly rich resource. Meet Viking people and hear about their fascinating lives. The program's easy-to-navigate interface lets you explore a time line, exhibitions with archeological and historical finds, a map of Viking towns, and a real excavation dig. Attractive graphics and high-quality photos give students a close look at rune stones, crosses, glass beads, combs, and other well-preserved Viking artifacts. How can you tell a Viking town by its name? Where did the Vikings come from? Who was Aethelred the Unready? Narrated text and interactive graphics will lead you to the answers for all sorts of questions like these. Learn about stories of Viking gods and heroes, then read the illustrated "Saga of Sigurd the Dragonslayer." [SRP Value $49.95]

    Become a historian and learn how to examine sources of evidence such as runes and other writings on wood and stone. Visit the archeologist in the Site Office to investigate the processes of sieving, digging, dating, preserving, and recording. Discover how scientists conserve, examine and display artifacts. Clicking on a Viking coin in the corner of the screen sends you back in time to 950, where you can enter a Viking town and meet Erik, a slave, a trader, and many others. Audio files accompany informative text, and you can even hear what the Viking language sounded like! Students will be completely immersed in the culture and lore of the Vikings with this comprehensive and compelling resource. Produced in conjunction with the world-renowned Jorvic Center in York, England, Vikings includes over 500 photographs, videos, and drawings as well as realistic voice and sound samples to make it the world's finest collection of Viking imagery.

    About A History of the Shale Oil Industry - From the depths of the earth, through the fiery retort and down the production line, set off on a voyage of discovery through a once-great industry with this award-winning multimedia software! Students will see how exciting science can be as they enter 6 zones to uncover the secrets of the once-vital shale oil industry. Each zone contains virtual experiments and fun quizzes targeting specific skills . In one experiment, young scientists must open or close trapdoors to regulate the air flow needed to sustain workers. Animations and images of the people and objects of the mine will completely engage students while they learn about the fascinating processes and equipment involved in oil extraction. A helpful teacher's guide completes this unique educational package.

  • 6 Zones of scientific investigation
  • Interactive virtual experiments in the context of the industry
  • Engaging animations of the mine and production line
  • Fun quizzes in each zone
  • Helpful teacher's guide

    About Scottish Country Dance - Learn how to do the Tulloch Turn and the Dance of the Dashing White Sergeants with this unique software. A whole squad of 3D dancers teach the component steps of Scottish Country Dancing as the pipes, fiddles, and drums play traditional Scottish tunes. Students can choose their favorite angle of view, view step-by-step instructions, and then move onward to master formations and elaborate dances. The History section explores the development of this lively tradition from its French influences to the innovation of the Strathspey rhythm in the mid 18th century. Toe-tapping students will be itching to get out on the dance floor!

  • 3D Dancers teach Scottish country dances
  • Step-by-step instruction of formations
  • Choose different angles of view to learn each dance
  • Pipes, fiddles, and drums play traditional tunes
  • History section traces the development of this traditional dance

    About Kiloran Bay: Viking PackMarauding Vikings are easily imagined - over 1,000 years have passed since a Viking man was buried in his Longboat, and now your students have the rare opportunity to examine the remains. This interactive program makes investigation of a highly significant Viking burial at Kiloran Bay possible for budding historians and archeologists. Students examine artifacts and use evidence to draw their own conclusions about the man and Viking society. They dig deeper to answer key questions as they enjoy amazing animations, audio clips, and archeological reconstructions. A printable teacher's guide is also included.

  • Explore a Viking burial over 1,000 years old
  • Interactive investigations of artifacts in a longboat
  • Sophisticated archaeological reconstructions
  • Animations and audio clips bring history to life
  • Includes a printable teacher's guide


    These programs operate on Windows XP or earlier operating systems


    Packaging: CD-ROMs in Jewel Case or Sleeve

    Licence: Unlimited Site for a single library or school building


    This donation includes 5 CD-ROMs along with an unlimited user perpetual site license for a library, school or other organization's single building.

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  • Minimum system requirements: PC: P-133, Win 95+, 2X CD, 640X480

    Mac: Power PC+, 2X CD, Thousands of Colors, 640X480
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