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Writers' Workshop Series Site License Donation

Item #: 2025-TS | Grades 2-7
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Writers Workshop Software Bundle Donation - 5 CD Set with unlimited user perpetual Site License (retail value $3,115).

Digital Wish provides a range of donated curriculum based CD-ROM software for older computer operating systems. These are ideal for libraries and schools that need solid educational history, math, science and arts activities for their library collection and enrichment programs.

The Writer's Workshop Series includes:
  • Young Writers Workshop
  • Writer's Workshop
  • Writing Focus
  • SuperSpell: A Day at the Beach
  • SuperSpell: Assessment Module

About Young Writer's Workshop

Young students become young journalists in the Writers' Workshop. Students develop concise writing skills as they create radio broadcasts, photo stories, captions, interviews, plays, advertisements, and articles for magazines and newspapers. The workshop provides them with inspiring material and helpful study tips. They're guaranteed to have fun while they work! Convert the program to French, Spanish, or German at the click of a mouse.

About Writer's Workshop

A volcano has erupted, and the radio station needs your report as soon as possible. This exciting, interactive program provides a bank of media assignments to inspire young journalists. Whether you're recording a sound byte, or writing a magazine feature article, Writer's Workshop provides all the tools students need to develop factual and descriptive writing skills. Study tips, a resource library, and web links are just some of the incredible features of this innovative software. You can even choose to run the program in English, French, Spanish, or German at the touch of a button.

About Writing Focus

You won't find a more interactive, fun, and effective approach to writing anywhere. Young learners develop creative and factual writing skills as they complete 9 exciting activities. They can build pictures and write stories to go along with them, design comic strips, write captions, compose play scripts, and write and record voice-overs for video stories.

Easy-to-use tools and banks of words, pictures, and examples also help kids create shape poems, arguments, biographies, and diary entries. Simply click on an item in the bank to insert it into the composition area, then type away! Extracts from works of literature are included in each activity to inspire young writers and serve as a reference. Words, pictures, and examples can also be added to the program to create custom activities. Teacher support material, including overviews of each activity and discussion, research, and writing points, are included.

Full speech support and text from classical and modern literature make this innovative program a stand-out. You'll see the writing skills of your students sharpen dramatically with Writing Focus.

· - Build a picture and write a story to accompany it

· - Produce a comic strip, images, and captions

· - Write a playscript or a shape poem

· - Compose a story or biography

· - Create diary entries

· - Write and record voice-overs for video stories

About SuperSpell: A Day at the Beach and Assessment Module

SuperSpell: A Day at the Beach includes innovative drill and practice sets. Kids will love windsurfing, diving, and other spelling games as they encounter over 3,000 words through 7 different activity sets. There's full speech capability, plus an option to use pre-selected word lists, or to enter your own lists. Focus on commonly misspelled words, compound words, and sentence usage drills. Each correct answer is rewarded by a funny cartoon sequence, making this highly addictive program a "hit" with young readers. Teachers even have the capacity to individualize the program for every student.

SuperSpell Assessment Module contains one placement and three diagnostic tests which establish the user's skill level and pinpoint specific areas of weakness. Results are compiled and stored for each individual user, and can be printed for later review.

The SuperSpell Worksheets can be printed, and offer the perfect complement to the software suite away from the computer. Students will reinforce new skills with 100 worksheets ranging from simple consonant-vowel-consonant words, to compound words. Each worksheet is linked to the onscreen activities.


-7 Activity sets in A Day at the Beach game module

-Over 3,000 words included

-Create your own word banks

-3 Diagnostic and 1 placement test in the assessment module

-100 Printable worksheets on CD-ROM


These programs operate on Windows XP or earlier operating systems


Packaging: CD-ROM in Jewel Case or Sleeve

Licence: Unlimited Site for a single library or school building


This donation includes 5 CD-ROM copies and with an unlimited user perpetual license for a library, school or other organization's single building.

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As this is a donation, there are no returns allowed
Minimum system requirements: PC: Pentium, 16 Mb RAM, 256 Color, 640x480, Win 3.11+, 4X CD, (Not Windows 7 Compatible)
Lesson Plan Name Grades
Producing a Franchise to encourage global awareness, increased, informed decision making about health, peer relationships and education. 7 to 8
The students will determine categories of franchises from which to work out media productions for weekly broadcasts on our school news show.
Poetry Alive! Interpreting Poetry Using Digital Images 9 to 12
A team of English students will take the role of a production company and will create a 4-5 minute film using the digital image as a medium for interpreting students’ original poems. Three classes will be working together in order to complete this project: Creative Writing, English, and The Actor’s Studio.
Digital Forensics 9 to 12
Students will understand and comprehend how to investigate a crime scene and the importance of crime scene photography.
PROJECT H.O.P.E. (Highlighting Opportunities for Potential Employment) 4 to 5
This is an exciting Career Exploration Unit that allows students to integrate technology skills while researching various careers.
Weather Watchers 2 to 5
Students will observe weather collecting data from hand made and scientific instruments and the internet weather resources. They will correspond with weather professionals and devise their own weather forecasting video using their knowledge and vocabulary.
Ready, Aim, Focus! 1 to 5
Through a hands-on photography lesson, students will develop and enhance writing focus, including brainstorming ideas, topic selection, word choice, and use of descriptive words. Also, students will use the printed images to inspire additional writing strategies such as developing voice, organization, and editing.
Postcards 4 to 6
Students will create a colored pencil drawing of themselves in an environment of their choice, using a digital output of their head as the starting point. The teacher will reduce the painting to postcard size and the students will write a descriptive letter on the back.
Picture This: A Book Full of Patterns! P-K to 8
My students will use various hands-on manipulatives while making different types of patterns (ab, abc, aabb, aabbcc, etc.) Students will use the digital camera to take a picture and write what they did!
Faces of Emotion 5 to 5
Students will be photographed with a variety of facial expressions.
The Family Tree 6 to 8
Families are a wonderful resource of support, traditions, and stories. In this unit, my students will write a series of essays about their families that will be put together in a book that can serve a record that can be shared with family now and in the future.