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Phoneme Track

Item #: 2074 | Grades K-3
$69.95 Cash Back: Digital Wish%

Practice areas of phonemic weakness, and increase fluency in reading and spelling. This program increases confidence with reading and spelling more complex words. Appropriate for K-3 students, it is also ideal for older learners who are experiencing specific phonological difficulties. Phoneme Track encourages learners to develop phonemic awareness by encouraging lots of talking, listening and playing with sounds.

The learner hears phonemes in words and sees the written representation of the phonemes. Activities provide practice with phoneme manipulation, segmentation, and blending so that the student can become confident with this essential skill for fluent reading and spelling. Tasks include:
  • Phoneme Take-Aways - "bill" take away phoneme "b" = ill
  • Phoneme Changes - replace phoneme "o" in "log" with "e" = leg
  • Phoneme Chains - hear a sequence of five words. Change one phoneme at a time to give the correct chain such as "cot-cut-hut-hug-jug".

Teacher controls allow for customizing levels of difficulty, adjusting color for sight disabled students, and all student records can be tracked and printed for easy reporting.

Phoneme Track was developed to support learners in their acquisition of vital literacy skills in the inclusive classroom. The program is appropriate for older users, those with specific phonological difficulties, and for mainstream teaching of early learners. Research-based, this program is ideal for reading programs.

The purchase of any single program in the "On Track" series can be applied later to the purchase of the entire "On Track" series.

Minimum system requirements: Win95 or higher, P-133 MHz, 32 Mb RAM, sound card.

Mac OSX compatible.

Compatible with Intel based Apple Macs
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