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Musical Leaps and Bounds

Item #: 2095 | Grades K-2
$44.95 Cash Back: 5%

Turn on The Moody Jukebox, Let's Dance, and The Singing Blobs in this new CD-ROM from the highly popular Leaps and Bounds series. Music and listening activities are the focus of the 6 well-planned, engaging activities. Musical Leaps and Bounds encourages children to respond, explore, experiment, express, and communicate their ideas in imaginative ways.

Musical Leaps and Bounds helps kids:
  • Improve listening skills
  • Lengthen concentration span
  • Enhance visual and auditory memory
  • Develop mouse skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem

View a presentation of Musical Leaps and Bounds

In My Band, listen to a mixture of timbre, dynamics, and texture using instruments ranging from a guitar to tubular bells. Sequence singing characters however you like to compose new tunes and choreograph dance routines in Let's Dance. The concept of pitch is introduced in Up and Down with a series of amusing monsters. The taller the monster, the higher the sound he makes! Kids move characters closer or further away to make corresponding sounds get quieter or louder as they experiment with dynamics in Mixing Desk. Create scary, serene, angry, happy, and other songs in Moody Jukebox, where the influence of musical textures and dynamics on mood is demonstrated. The Singing Blobs are fun characters that each play a unique note when clicked, and a sustained note when the button is held down.

Please note: This program is not networkable, however the "Network Site License" price allows you to install it on all the computers in a single school building.
Minimum system requirements: PC: P-133, 32 Mb RAM, Win 95+, 800x600, 16 Bit Color

Mac: 68040, OS 8.5+, 4X CD, 800x600
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