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Tool Factory Slide Show V3

Item #: 2126 | Grades K-12

Drag a folder of photographs onto the page, and Tool Factory Slide Show will automatically build one slide per image. Click the 'play' button and watch your presentation instantly come to life with creative transitions. It's that easy!

New This Year! Slide Show is built right into this new version of Tool Factory Workshop and shares the same interface! Students will make an easy transition from one application to the next. Convert your word processing projects into slide show presentations with a single mouse click.

  • Click to add additional slides to your show, then drag-and-drop images, sounds and video right onto the page.
  • View your slides as a storyboard or flip through your individual slides. Preview your presentation and admire your work!
  • Animate the presentation with text effects, movable objects, and path animations!
  • Insert spreadsheets, charts, and drawings form any other application.

Create, design and enhance your curriculum with Tool Factory Slide Show. Now it is even easier to create slide show presentations with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Click to add additional slides to your show, edit each slide by adding images, sounds and video from the bank or from your computer. View your slides in storyboard view or flip through your individual slides. There's even an animation and extensive linking feature. Preview your presentation and admire your work!

Here are some great project Ideas:
  • Present the history of ancient civilizations complete with video, sounds and images of architectural finds!
  • Prepare a “How To” presentation with step-by-step instructions. Add lines, arrows and images to explain the details of the project!
  • Craft a self-running art show for back-to-school night.
  • History reports.
  • Science experiments.
  • Literature reports.
  • Re-tell events in history.
  • Describe and explain their own creative stories.
  • Step-by-step cooking instructions.
  • Creative math explanations.
  • Build a travel brochure.
  • And more…

Use it with a Whiteboard!

Switch the program's toolbars to the bottom so that younger students can reach them. Activate the Whiteboard controls and instantly gain access to the “right mouse” and “CTRL” icons from the toolbar.

Great for teachers:
  • Enhanced slide show presentations with movies and sound.
  • Compile student work for school presentations.
  • Integrated Tool Factory Word Processor program creates easy transition from Word Processor program to Slide Show presentations.
  • Describe events of field trips with digital photos.
  • It's so easy, even your youngest students will succeed!

Tool Factory Resource Bank is included with every purchase. Get hundreds of clip art files and easily edit, create, and archive new banks of clip art. Customize any of the existing banks, save multiple versions of each bank, or create new banks altogether. The resource bank helps you organize existing content, or archive images taken from the internet. Since the banks are searchable, it's easy to compile materials specific to a particular subject. There's even an "Acquire" feature built right into the bank. Hook up your scanner, camcorder, or microphone, and record a live performance directly into your project.

Online Support Materials are free and always available at www.toolfactory.com. Download a graphical training presentation and immediately begin your student instruction. There's a free printable tutorial for every single feature, of every single Tool Factory program. Construct your own class manual by printing free how-to instructions for your daily lessons. Get printable worksheets and classroom activities, visit the copy machine and dash to class! New material is posted regularly, so check www.toolfactory.com for great classroom resources.

It's Critical for Special Education and ESL!

All the Tool Factory programs are completely adaptable for special education. Establish core knowledge that lets students transition easily to the most common adult software programs. Read letters or phonic blends for pre-readers, then adjust the settings to speak words and sentences as the students advance. Listen to the computer "sound out" every word, as you are typing. Fluent readers will use the speech tools to hear-and-revise their writing. Simplify the interface for any age group and learning style. The same interface is shared by every application in Tool Factory Workshop so users switch seamlessly between programs without re-learning. Click-and-drag is all the skill that’s required.

“It’s an intuitive introduction to technology integration, my students love the ease and playfulness of Tool Factory Workshop.”
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Lesson Plan Name Grades
Enhancing Social Skills and Vocabulary through Photography K to 5
Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders will use photography to visualize, practice and evaluate their communicative exchanges.Younger students will use pictures to build their vocabulary.
Photo-Based Reading Projects K to 12
Special Education students use digital cameras and word processing software to enhance reading and writing skills.
Revolutionary Idea 3 to 8
Students will participate in a revolutionary war living history.
What's Your Angle 3 to 5
Students will use digital cameras to locate and record several type of angles found in their school. They will identify these angles, put into a slide show and use it to teach others about geometric angles.
Exploring My Environment for Speech and Language K to 5
Student will photograph objects containing their targeted speech sounds and/or items in selected categories. These photographs will be used in a power point slide show for individual drill and copied to establish a "visual library".
"A Portrait of Success" Elementary Student Portfolio Building K to 4
Students use digital photography and appropriate software to record their work into a manageable portfolio to document personal progress.
Digital Portfolios 9 to 12
Students create digital portfolios of their artwork using PowerPoint.
Windsor Opposes Waste - WOW! 2 to 6
We propose a year-long, problem-based learning between grades 2 and 6. Teams of students will meet and discuss and identify the problem(s), brainstorm solutions, implement their solutions and throughout the year evaluate and reexamine their decisions and actions.
A Different Perspective 6 to 12
Teaching wheelchair bound students the joys of photography.
Glad to Meet You, Newfane 2 to 5
This project takes a look at the resources, businesses and services within a community. At each location, the children get an abbreviated look at how that location benefits the community.