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Early Learning Bundle
Early Learning Bundle
Early Learning Bundle
Early Learning Bundle
Early Learning Bundle
Early Learning Bundle
Early Learning Bundle
Early Learning Bundle
Early Learning Bundle
Early Learning Bundle
Early Learning Bundle
Early Learning Bundle

Early Learning Bundle

Item #: 2195DW | Grades K-2

Introduce your students to computer learning at a foundation age with Tool Factory’s Early Learning Bundle! Bursting with 13 different software programs this bundle fits a wide range of niches to get students interested in computers and learning at an early age. Subjects include cause-and-effect, memory building, musical integration, visual tracking, early phonics and so much more! These titles are ideal for directing young learners into the education stream and sparking interest using the animated instructive activities.

Total of all software titles: $755
Digital Wish Bundle Price: $499
You Save: $256.00 (44%)!

The bundle includes:
  • Tool Factory Beep!
  • Making Creatures
  • Mini Musical Monsters
  • Matching Skills
  • b/d Letter Olympics
  • Fizzys First Numbers
  • Magnetic Letters
  • Leaps and Bounds 1
  • Eye Track
  • Alphabet Track
  • Tool Factory Phonics 1
  • All About Weather
  • Fresco

Making Creatures
Aimed at children aged 3 and up, this engaging dual format CD-ROM includes a range of activities that can extend its use to include older learners as well as for those with specific educational needs. Young children love the creatures and the animations that go with them!vendor image
Tool Factory Mini Musical Monsters
Create melodies, compose songs and even learn the notes of popular tunes using Mini Musical Monsters! Mini Musical Monsters contains six engaging musical activities for 3 - 5 year-olds. Children can have fun experimenting with music making, rhythms and sound effects. Mini Musical Monsters is also ideal for developing vital ICT skills and will quickly build confidence in novice computer users - any mouse click or keyboard press will produce interesting results! Mini Musical Monsters contains no speech and does not require reading skills. It is a valuable addition to an early years or foundation stage setting.
Matching Skills
Matching Skills challenges students to identify attributes of pictures and objects, making this a great program to teach early classification skills. The same pictures can be matched exactly, or by size. There are also activities for matching by color, or picture parts. Activities include: Match exactly, Match color, Match size, and Match pieces. Activities include: Match exactly, Match color, Match size, and Match pieces. Every activity has four levels of difficulty, plus a choice of these eight familiar topics: food, home, clothes, animals, play, transport, letters, and numbers. They can be played with numbers, words, or pictures, plus each activity screen provides full audio support. Teacher options can be used to configure timing, font and background colors, pointer size, difficulty levels, and activity selection.
Letter Olympics - For B/D Reversals
Challenge your students in Olympic sporting events to help them discriminate between b and d. This innovative resource is designed to aid learners with dyslexia. Young learners and students with dyslexia alike will love taking the sporting challenges while working on b and d reversals.

Activities cover recognition, discrimination, and differentiation for lower case letters b and d, with full auditory and visual instructions emphasizing accurate sound pronunciation of the b and d phonemes.
vendor image
Fizzy's First Numbers
Children will love helping Fizzy and the number friends as they explore the world of numbers from 1-9. A complete range of number basics activities are provided. The program can be played in number mode, or activity mode. Count the fish, identify number forms, match sets with numbers, and find the next digit are just a few of the activities. Constant and repeatable instructions insure the user stays on task and provides well-timed reinforcement. This is an invaluable resource for any early learning classroom.
Leaps and Bounds 1
Your child's attention span will lengthen by Leaps and Bounds with this program. A simple interface lets young children develop pre-reading skills featuring colorful characters, catchy music, and fun surprises. They'll practice essential skills such as left-to-right tracking, visual and auditory discrimination, memory, and fine motor skills as they mouse click through these totally enjoyable activities.vendor image
Alphabet Track
Early and older learners will acquire more spelling independence and be on track for developing alphabet skills. Learn the names of letters, practice alphabetical order, improve short term memory, and recall alphabetic sequence. Eight self-paced activities are switch-accessible and fully configurable, with selectable colors and levels of difficulty. Record the alphabet in your own voice or student's voice. Activities include: ordering and typing the alphabet, match and identify, see and remember, hear and remember, alphabet quiz, listen and spell, and alphabet battle. Research-based, this program is a critical addition to every early reading program.

Features include:

  • Record-keeping capability.

  • Switch-accessible.

  • Full audio support.

  • Three levels of difficulty.

  • Record the alphabet in student's own voice.

  • Minimum system requirements: Win 95+, P-166, 32 Mb RAM, 16 bit color, sound card

    Mac OS 8.6 for classic, or OS x 10.2 for native, 16 bit color

    (Fresco is windows only.)
    Lesson Plan Name Grades
    Kids with Cameras make a difference 1 to 4
    1-4th grade students create a photography exhibit titled "Sense of Place" about their community and then use the exhibit to collect donations to support international Kids with cameras programs.
    Digital Bubble Maps - Geography of our Environment P-K to 6
    Each environment is different depending on where we live. This lesson is to visually capture the geographical environment a student is apart of.
    Fit or Fat? 6 to 8
    Students will be involved in a Science and Health lessons that involve nutrition and exercise. They will create Healthy Snacks and exercise profiles for the class.
    Title: Digital Photo Storytelling on Five Senses, a project based learning activity by Mary Gore P-K to 2
    Learning about the five senses is a very exciting and fun experience that students in the primary grades are eager to engage in as well as share with others, in and out of the classroom. Through digital photo storytelling project learners are able to document their experiences and take on various roles as they create a presentation project.This is a project based learning activity.
    Movies for Mothers P-K to 5
    Students will use photos, drawings, and videos to create a movie using Tool Factory Movie Maker as a heartwarming gift for their mother on Mother's Day.
    I Spy With My Little Eye 1 to 1
    This is a lesson I used with first grade students. It focuses on color identification, inserting graphics in Word, and word processing.
    My Vision Is A Verb P-K to 12
    Students will take a dream or vision that they desire to see come true and use the Zoo Burst and/or Story Jumper storytelling software to turn that dream or vision into a book. Students will also learn that work gives power to any vision.
    Learning with Letters & Sounds P-K to P-K
    (4.5 stars, 2 ratings)
    Students will learn letters and sounds through working on the Letterland app. Students will use Chromebooks and headphones as they listen and work on the application. The app will allow students to each have an account. Students will focus on characters, letters, and sounds.
    Aiming High with OSMO P-K to 2
    (5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
    Every student should be given the opportunity to be successful. The goal of this project is to provide computer science resources to all students, giving them the opportunity to build their problem solving and logic skills.
    Storytelling P-K to 3
    (5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
    Read Aloud The Really Silly Robot by Gordon True Students build a 3- or 4-Cubelet robot with their group