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Standard Digital Camera Lab
Standard Digital Camera Lab
Standard Digital Camera Lab
Standard Digital Camera Lab
Standard Digital Camera Lab

Standard Digital Camera Lab

Item #: 2201 | Grades K-12
Status: Usually ships in 4 weeks.

A mobile crate filled with your digital dreams! Save money and solve your school's need for digital cameras with Tool Factory’s Mobile Digital Camera Lab. Get 15 point-and-shoot cameras for daily classroom use and all the necessary accessories you need for digital imaging in the classroom. The Nikon Coolpix A100 20 MP cameras are affordable,durable, and come in vibrant primary colors, making them perfect for elementary classrooms. The convenient storage case will lengthen the longevity of your cameras and provide transportation for all your cameras as a single unit. The hard case is practically indestructible and can be easily rolled from class-to-class. It will stand up to classroom abuse, and it's airline approved, so you're all set to travel.

Get your whole school involved in digital imaging projects. Use the training course to teach photography skills, take fantastic school pictures, then return to the computer lab to tie it all together. Publish presentations to the web and share them with parents!

Your purchase includes:

  • 15 20 megapixel digital cameras
  • 15 Batteries
  • 15 16GB SDHC cards
  • 15 Digital Photography for Educators book/cd sets
  • 1 hardshell, waterproof, FAA-approved carry-on crate
  • 15 USB cables
  • 1 magnetic tripod
  • 14 original tripods
  • 1 TSA lock

    Call us at (800)220-8386 to tailor a crate configuration to your specific needs.

    "The teacher saw the kit and it disappeared into their classroom immediately...with a 'Yea" as they left my office. The students wanted to take pictures NOW! " - Dr. Suzanne Banas, Lead Teacher, Richmond Heights Middle School

    Kingston 4GB SD Memory Card
    Kingston Technology's 4GB Secure Digital High Capacity Card offers larger-volume data storage and optimized recording performance with support for FAT 32 file formats. For added reliability and durability, our solid-state 4GB Secure Digital High Capacity Card is built of nonvolatile memory components and has no moving parts that could wear out or break.vendor image
  • Lesson Plan Name Grades
    Social Issues 10 to 12
    Students work in groups to identify and create a video presentation of a social issue facing America. Students must conduct interviews and research on a topic and create a documentary of the issue and a conclusion.
    Producing a Franchise to encourage global awareness, increased, informed decision making about health, peer relationships and education. 7 to 8
    The students will determine categories of franchises from which to work out media productions for weekly broadcasts on our school news show.
    Tree Trekkers 4 to 5
    Students will photograph, identify, classify and write about trees in their school yard, the immediate neighborhood and in their own neighborhood. The will publish a booklet and/or a slide show about their trees.
    Nuclear Scientists Project 7 to 12
    Students will study the history of the Atomic Age. They will be talking about many chemists and physicists who added information to the atom model we use now and the development of the atomic bomb.
    How Does Your Garden Grow? K to 4
    With the help of technology the children will be amazed witnessing the school garden change before their eyes! The work and dedication put into a garden will surely pay off when the digital presentation is viewed.
    Schoolyard Jungle: What's Out There? 7 to 7
    In the Schoolyard Jungle: What’s Out There? project, students from Oberon Middle School will visit the school’s outdoor classroom to photograph plants using OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAS. After identifying and researching the natural history of their collected plants, they will use TOOL FACTORY SOFTWARE to create user friendly plant field guides and to build an Oberon Middle School Outdoor Classroom website and plant database that will continue to be utilized and updated by students in future years.
    Classroom Booklet Adapted from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See K to K
    Students will make pictures of animals using different colors as in the book mentioned. When they are finished, a photo will be taken of them and their picture.
    Digital Storytelling 5 to 12
    Students write more when they are inspired either by the topic or by the process. Using Movie Maker, students bring their creative stories to life and have a Windows Media Player as their final version of their work.
    Learn and Serve Video 10 to 12
    Students in my Multimedia class create a video on any topic related to the K-12 curriculum. They partner with a teacher in that subject / grade for ideas and then they script, video, edit, and publish a video that teaches the topic.
    Poetry Alive! Interpreting Poetry Using Digital Images 9 to 12
    A team of English students will take the role of a production company and will create a 4-5 minute film using the digital image as a medium for interpreting students’ original poems. Three classes will be working together in order to complete this project: Creative Writing, English, and The Actor’s Studio.