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Elementary Biology Science Bundle - 3 CD Site License Donation

Item #: 2209-TS | Grades 2-5
Status: $18 Admin fee aplied at checkout

Elementary Biology Science Software Bundle - 3 CD Set with unlimited user perpetual Site License (retail value $1,347).

Digital Wish provides a range of donated curriculum based CD-ROM software for older computer operating systems. These are ideal for libraries and schools that need solid educational history, math, science and arts activities for their library collection and enrichment programs.

The Elementary Biology Science Series includes:
  • Badger Trails
  • BodyWise
  • World of Sport Examined

  • About Badger Trails

    Take a trip down the badger trail in this fiercely addictive science CD. Explore the world from the perspective of a badger, foraging for food, avoiding predators, and finding a den. 'See', 'hear', 'smell', and 'taste' what a badger does, and score points for successes. But be careful not to lose a life! Badger Trails is a fascinating way to develop map skills knowledge of life sciences.

    Badger Trails received the "Best Software for Kids" award from the Museum of Science in Boston.

    Badger Trails is based on the true story of a photographer who built a hidden structure outside a badger's sett (den) to observe and film badgers. At the end of the story one of the badgers is inadvertently transported miles away from its familiar territory when it is accidentally trapped inside a horse truck. When it finally manages to escape it is lost, hungry and frightened.

    Badger Trails has two parts: a Talking Story and an Adventure. The Talking Story gives an introduction to the Adventure, in which users must help the badger to find his way back to his own sett. To do this they must perform a series of tasks and overcome certain dangers.

    The Adventure picks up where the story finishes. At the outset, the badger is a long way from home and needs to find his way back to his own sett. To do this, he has to perform a series of tasks:

    1. Find three different foods and fresh water (while avoiding danger), before finding somewhere to cross the road safely.

    2. Find somewhere safe to sleep during the day.

    3. The following evening, find his way to the orchard before finding two more meals and a drink.

    4. Finally, find his own sett, while avoiding other badger setts and getting rid of fleas, which are causing irritation.

    Users have access to information about badgers to assist their decision-making during the adventure. They also have an on-screen map and BPS (Badger Positioning System) so that they can see where they are at any time.

    Badger Trails can be successfully used to initiate exploration, and extend knowledge and skills, in a myriad of curriculum areas: developing literacy skills; the study of science life processes; and the study of geographical mapping and compass work. The adventure requires students to make decisions and to answer ‘What if?’ type questions. The active style of learning required also encourages the use of thinking and planning skills.

    'About BodyWise

    Enliven health and science curriculums with this impressive and totally interactive program. Bodywise presents a vast quantity of information about the human body in a concise, comprehensive way. Excellent animations and graphics let students investigate body systems, health education topics, and frequently asked questions about the human body. Easy to navigate, students simply click to zoom in on body systems, read informative text, or get pop-up definitions of vocabulary. Click on the cross-section, magnifying glass, or animation buttons on the interface to get a more in-depth look at aspects of the nervous, circulatory, musculo-skeletal, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, excretory, and reproductive systems. Students can click to select male or female views of each system, and can switch between different skin colors. In the Health Education section, explore the following topics: Healthy Eating, Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Sun Sense, Exercise, Teeth, he Life Cycle. The FAQ's section contains 10 commonly asked questions, such as "How do I move?" and "How do I digest food?" Three fun activities help student consolidate their new knowledge.

    View a presentation of Bodywise:

  • Body Parts: Drag part of the body to an outline of the body. Compare your results to the correct diagram.
  • Build a Body: Click on body part labels to place the part in a body outline. The finished image can be copied or printed.
  • Body Quiz- A self-paced quiz that lets student test their ability to recognize parts of the body by matching diagrams with labels.

    The Navigation Panel clearly shows your route through the program. Teacher Options and 2 levels of difficulty make the program fully adaptable to meet the needs of any student. Teachers may also choose which sections of the program their students will be able to access. Bodywise in an excellent resource for the classroom, with interactive screens easily displayed by a projector or whiteboard. Copying and printing text and images with or without labels allows teachers to create worksheets to reinforce learning away from the computer. A set of printable PDF activities is also included on the CD-ROM.

    About World of Sport Examined


    These programs operate on Windows XP or earlier operating systems


    Packaging: CD-ROM in Jewel Case or Sleeve

    Licence: Unlimited Site for a single library or school building


    This donation includes 3 CD-ROM copies and with an unlimited user perpetual license for a library, school or other organization's single building.

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    As this is a donation, there are no returns allowed
Minimum system requirements: PC: 95 or later, Pentium 233MHz, 32 MB RAM

16 bit color and sound card. Vista compatible.

Mac: OS 8.1

Pentium 233MHz, 32 MB RAM

16 bit color and sound card