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Elementary Math Bundle- 4 CD Site License Donation

Item #: 2214-TS | Grades K-1
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Elementary Math Bundle - 4 CD Set with unlimited user perpetual Site License (retail value $1,729).

Digital Wish provides a range of donated curriculum based CD-ROM software for older computer operating systems. These are ideal for libraries and schools that need solid educational history, math, science and arts activities for their library collection and enrichment programs.

The Elementary Math Bundle includes:
  • Number Train
  • Number Plane
  • Bucket and Spade
  • Nature Park: Adventures in Shape and Space<

About Number Train - Climb aboard the Number Train and get ready to ride all the way to a new understanding of counting, place value, adding, and subtracting. With Murphy Mouse as your guide, you will meet all sorts of colorful characters with lots to teach their fellow passengers. Fully-narrated, interactive activities will capture any child's attention. Roll a dice and play an adding game with an elephant. Learn about odd and even numbers with the Fandango Frogs. Subtract with ducks as they dive into the water and swim away. Teachers can select from 3 levels of difficulty, choose activities for individual students, and view records of students' progress. Kids will love riding the Number Train again and again!

21 activities within the number range 0-20 covering:
  • Ordering numbers
  • Place value
  • Odd and even numbers
  • Counting in twos
  • Addition as combining 2 or 3 sets
  • Addition as counting on
  • Subtraction as taking away

    About Number Plane - Fly to new heights on board the Number Plane. Following the success of Number Train, Murphy Mouse returns with 21 more engaging and practical activities. New characters and amazing, colorful graphics will capture the attention of students in activities such as Doughnut Dragons and Florrie Flutter's Kites. The program is easy to use, with automatic help and correction routines, as well as 3 levels of difficulty to choose from. Mathematical concepts and vocabulary are introduced clearly and with full narration. A Teacher's Guide and resource sheets are included to make this program a perfect supplement to math lessons in the classroom or at home.

    Contents include:
  • Number range 0-99
  • Fractions: halves and quarters
  • Place value in 2-digit numbers
  • Multiplication as repeated addition
  • Division as sharing equally AND repeated subtraction
  • Reading and writing numbers and number names

    About Nature Park: Adventures in Shape and Space - Students solve problems to learn all about geometric shapes and space. The program can be used either as a motivating adventure, or as focused stand-alone activities.

    In adventure mode, students pit their wits against the Glob monster and the Trogs to try and rescue the missing butterflies, solving problems along the way.

    In activity mode, skills can be closely focused on and consolidated through any of the eight activities, with three levels of difficulty throughout to ensure something for every ability level. Large, clear graphics make the activities ideal for whole class teaching as well as individual pupil use.

    In addition to focusing on the Shape, Space and Measures aspect of mathematics, The Nature Park also provides many starting points for work on environmental issues.

  • Adventure and Activity Modes
  • Three levels of difficulty throughout
  • Clockwise/anti-clockwise
  • Angles and co-ordinates
  • Identifying 2-D shapes and 3-D construction

    About Bucket and Spade - The animated friends in this program simultaneously entertain and educate children as they lead the way through eight interactive activities at the beach. Ideal for inclusion, students click on one of four huts to select the level best suited for their abilities. They choose an activity from the beach balls that bounce out onto the sand. In these fully narrated games, students explore and sort 2D and 3D shapes, play with symmetrical patterns and sequences, and work with spatial relationships and directions.

    Features include:
    • Shape Demonstrator-great for whole class instruction
    • Teacher Options to customize settings for each activity
    • Record-keeping facility to track student progress
    • Full narration
    • 8 activities; 4 levels for most
    • 30 shapes covered by the activities


    These programs operate on Windows XP or earlier operating systems


    Packaging: CD-ROMs in Jewel Case or Sleeve

    Licence: Unlimited Site for a single library or school building


    This donation includes 5 CD-ROM copies and with an unlimited user perpetual license for a library, school or other organization's single building.

    Administrative Fee A small administrative fee will be charged at checkout to cover our delivery and other administrative costs.
  • Minimum system requirements: PC: 486-66, 8 Mb RAM, 2X CD, SVGA, Win 3.1+

    Mac: LC+, 8 Mb RAM, 2X CD, 640X480, 256 Colors
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    Title: Digital Photo Storytelling on Five Senses, a project based learning activity by Mary Gore P-K to 2
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    Movies for Mothers P-K to 5
    Students will use photos, drawings, and videos to create a movie using Tool Factory Movie Maker as a heartwarming gift for their mother on Mother's Day.
    I Spy With My Little Eye 1 to 1
    This is a lesson I used with first grade students. It focuses on color identification, inserting graphics in Word, and word processing.
    My Vision Is A Verb P-K to 12
    Students will take a dream or vision that they desire to see come true and use the Zoo Burst and/or Story Jumper storytelling software to turn that dream or vision into a book. Students will also learn that work gives power to any vision.
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    (4.5 stars, 2 ratings)
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    Aiming High with OSMO P-K to 2
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    Storytelling P-K to 3
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    Read Aloud The Really Silly Robot by Gordon True Students build a 3- or 4-Cubelet robot with their group