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STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)
STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)
STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)
STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)
STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)
STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)
STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)
STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)
STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)
STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)

STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)

Item #: 2231-L | Grades K-3

Containing 12 great software titles, the Early Elementary STEM Bundle is a great addition to your teaching toolbox! With programs that address Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, this bundle covers all of the bases in a fun and engaging way for students in grades K-3.

Total of all software titles: $624
Tool Factory Bundle Price: $499
You Save: $125 (20%)

Science titles for this bundle include:
  • Science Express: Life Processes
  • Science Express: Physical Processes
  • Virtual Experiments 1
  • All About Weather & Seasons
  • BBC Science Simulations 1
  • BBC Science Simulations 2
Technology titles for this bundle include:
  • Talking Topics V2
  • Flobot
  • Charlie Chimp's Big Modeling Party
Mathematics titles for this bundle include:
  • Fizzy's Number Skills
  • Bucket & Spade
  • Numeracy Bank 3
All titles are tested Windows 7 compatible (32 & 64 Bit installations). The bundle is meant to be installed on a single workstation. Additional pricing options are available for multiple computer and site licenses. Contact us at (800) 220-8386 for multiple license pricing.

Complete Specifications of the Early Elementary STEM Bundle:
  • 1 All About Weather and Seasons CD-ROM/License
  • 1 BBC Science Simulations 1 CD-ROM/License
  • 1 BBC Science Simulations 2 CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Bucket & Spade CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Charlie Chimp's Big Modeling Party CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Fizzy's Number Skills CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Flobot CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Numeracy Bank 3 CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Science Express: Life Processes CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Science Express: Physical Processes CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Talking Topics V2 CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Virtual Experiments 1 CD-ROM/License

BBC Science Simulations 1
Were you ever curious if a plant would grow if it were never exposed to light? Or how about what would happen in the food chain if there were no predators? Well you can explore this and more with BBC's Science Simulations 1! Each simulation provides pupils ages 5 to 7 years with the opportunity to select variables, control time and view the results of their experiments as animations and/or dynamically generated tables and graphs that chart the results of each combination of variables over time. Seven interactive simulations are provided each with dynamically generated tables and graphs. Simulations include:

  • Exercise and Health

  • Growing Plants

  • Food Chains

  • Changing materials

  • Force and movement

  • Using Electricity

  • Light and dark
  • vendor image
    BBC Science Simulations 2
    With BBC Science Simulations 2 the experiments become more challenging and features are upgraded. Appropriate for ages 7-9 years, the next level from BBC Science Simulations 1, more variables are provided with more focused questions to spark experiment ideas. Now with the new Multi-sim feature you can watch the same experiment with different variables, at the same time! Simulations include:

  • Exercise and Health

  • Plants and Growth

  • Food Chains

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Electrical circuits and conductors

  • Forces and friction

  • Sun and Shadows

    View your data in table or graph view, print and save for your report later!
  • vendor image
    Minimum system requirements: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7. 512MB of RAM, 40MB of Hard Drive space.
    This title is also a part of the following product suites:

    BBC Science Simulations - 3 CD SetGrades K-6
    Watch virtual Science experiments come to life with BBC Science Simulation's 3 CD set. Each CD caters to a different age level, with each increasing level providing more variables and ways to manipulate the 7 provided simulations. This set will keep kids entertained for hours! $119.95vendor image
    Lesson Plan Name Grades
    Building Vocabulary with Digital Fotos. 8 to 12
    Presents ways that students could use digital cameras to develop Spanish vocabulary.
    Toy Inventor’s Workshop 11 to 11
    Students work in small groups to develop a toy for preschool age children.
    In the Days of our People: Shageluk, Alaska K to 12
    Archiving Athabaskan Memories from Shageluk: Student projects
    Social Issues 10 to 12
    Students work in groups to identify and create a video presentation of a social issue facing America. Students must conduct interviews and research on a topic and create a documentary of the issue and a conclusion.
    Producing a Franchise to encourage global awareness, increased, informed decision making about health, peer relationships and education. 7 to 8
    The students will determine categories of franchises from which to work out media productions for weekly broadcasts on our school news show.
    Poetry Alive! Interpreting Poetry Using Digital Images 9 to 12
    A team of English students will take the role of a production company and will create a 4-5 minute film using the digital image as a medium for interpreting students’ original poems. Three classes will be working together in order to complete this project: Creative Writing, English, and The Actor’s Studio.
    Kindergarten through Second Grade students will explore light and shadows in science.
    Digital Forensics 9 to 12
    Students will understand and comprehend how to investigate a crime scene and the importance of crime scene photography.
    PROJECT H.O.P.E. (Highlighting Opportunities for Potential Employment) 4 to 5
    This is an exciting Career Exploration Unit that allows students to integrate technology skills while researching various careers.
    Figurative Language 4 to 5
    Students create a visual image using Kidpix of an example of hyperbole or personification.