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Spirit Listening Center with Sound Alert

Item #: 4013-TEMP | Grades K-12

Help students learn how loud is too loud. This innovative learning center pairs Califone's best-selling Spirit Multimedia Player/Recorder with a Sound Alert jackbox and six noise reducing headphones. When the volume played through the jackbox exceeds 85dB, its red light flashes, warning students to turn down the potentially dangerous volume level.

The regular price of this system is $444. Save $276 (62% off) with this special bundle!

The teacher-tested Spirit™ supports reading activities, language learning, ESL and ELL/ELD programs associated with the English Language Arts portion of the Common Core State Standards. You'll appreciate the flexibility in a learning center that's equally versatile for music & movement classes or read-alongs in independent study. The two watts of the Spirit are powerful enough for up to 40 people to hear content in a typical room for whole class learning.

Educator tested and proven in libraries and classrooms, it’s ideal for individual and group listening centers, music & story time activities, literacy groups, ELD and ESL language applications.

This bundle includes:

1. A Spirit 1776 Multimedia Player

• Stereo CD/ cassette player / recorder

• AM/FM radio with four speakers loud enough for 40 students

• Headphone jack for individual and group listening center

• Permanently attached 5’ cord for classroom safety

2. Six 2924AVG Monaural Headphones

• 6’ straight cord with 1/4” plug

• Noise-reducing earcups lower ambient noise so volume

does not need to be played at high levels

3. Ten-position Sound Alert jackbox with master volume control

• One year warranty for school use - unlike items purchased from

consumer electronics stores whose warranties would be voided if

used in schools
Minimum system requirements: Spirit 1776

Power Output 2 Watts RMS

Speakers 3” 8 ohms x 2; 2” 8 ohms x 2

Controls Volume, Dynamic Bass Boost

CD Play, Pause, Stop, F Skip, B Skip

Output Jacks 3.5mm stereo earphone jack

Power Requirements AC: 110V, 60Hz, 14W

DC: 12VDC, UM2 (“C”) Batteries (8)


Earcups Ambient noise-reducing earcups

Construction Polypropylene earcups and ABS

plastic headstrap for durabilty

Volume Control None

Plug 1/4”plug

Cord 6 foot straight cord

Headband Adjustable with comfort sling

Ear Cushion Foam-filled leatherette


Contacts Silver plated for optimal connection

Positions Ten 1/4” headphone jacks

Volume control One master control for all stations

AC adapter Included

Total Weight of System Actual - 16 lbs., shipping - 19 lbs.
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