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Hyundai Koral 7" Tablet

Item #: 41021 | Grades 3-12

Hyundai Koral 7W4X 7" IPS Tablet 1GB 16GB Android 9.0

Accessable and portable - The Latest Android OS - Android 9.0 PIE Go, GMS Certified, The Hyundai Koral 7W4X has Android's lightest and most efficient version of Androids operating system yet, Android 9.0 PIE Go Edition.

No Ads on the operating system and includes YouTube, Gmail, Google Photos, Play Music and download Apps from the Google Play Store.

Fast and responsive performance: Very powerful and energy efficient Quad core processor 64 bit 1.3GHz, RAM 1GB, Fast app launches, smooth videos and great overall performance, H.265 decoding for fast video streaming.

Itís gentle, delicate design provides a luxurious look, while its slim, lightweight design delivers a spectacular hand-feeling.


  • Glass 7 inch IPS display: The 7 inch Hyundai Koral 7W4X has a very responsive and bright 1024x600 IPS display.
  • 16GB of onboard memory and includes a microSD card slot (microSD card sold separately) that allows you to expand the storage up to 32GB of memory.
  • Quad-core Cortex-A35 up to 1.3GHz - 2400mAh lithium polymer battery - Dual band Wi-Fi - Bluetooth 4.0 - Rubberized Coating - 3.5mm Headphone jack
Minimum system requirements: Hyundai Koral 7W4X 7" IPS Tablet 1GB 16GB Android 9.0
Lesson Plan Name Grades
Research Project 8 to 8
This lesson gives the a overview of common source types and outlines a research project. I have adapted this in several ways to include book reports, and research projects of any kind.
'Student Teaching' 6 to 6
Students teamed up to teach a 20 minute mini-lesson. I used my Flip Video Camera and Tripod to record them.
Butterfly Life Cycle 2 to 3
Students will describe and research the Butterfly Life Cycle.
Sequencing in Kindergarten K to 2
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
Students will learn the the basics of sequencing and how it relates to the word around us. Students will use this as a guiding lesson to introduce the basics of coding using codable.org.
Science Fair P-K to P-K
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
Using technology to create graphs on Excel, make PowerPoint presentations, using Office 365 for sharing documents, and preparing students with 21st Century Skills.
Reading with TouchChat P-K to P-K
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
This is a reading lesson plan for a non-verbal student using an iPad and the TouchChat App
Physical Descriptions - World Languages P-K to P-K
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
To practice parts of the body leading to physical descriptions. Novice mid level.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Unit 7 to 8
(5.0 stars, 2 ratings)
We will spend 2-3 weeks reading the biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in 7th and 8th grade History class.
Currency Act of 1764 4 to 5
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
Build a company and use two forms of currency to do business with other companies. The student or group of students with the most rice at the end of the game wins.
Writers are Explorers 1 to 2
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
Students will use the internet to research information about their favorite animal using Discovery Learning and National Geographic Kids. Students will use the information found online to write an Informational Text that will be presented to parents at a Writers Celebration.