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Basic Aluminum Humanoid Armature Kit

Item #: 9207 | Grades 4-12

The Basic Aluminum Humanoid Armature Kit contains all the materials you need to build your very own animation armature that’s ready to flesh out in clay/sponge or fabric with no need for gluing or soldering!

The fully customizable design will suit most character's needs with:
  • Fully Machined and Reusable Brass Joints
  • Easily Replaceable Wires
  • Threaded Tie-Down System
  • Magnetic Tie-Down System
The kit contains all the materials you need to build your own humanoid armature. Simply twist the aluminum armature wire provided and cut the lengths appropriate to the desired character limb size. With the armature joint socket design, just plug in the aluminum wire and tighten with the grub screws provided - it's that easy!

Kits are modular, allowing different sections to be replaced. So if a puppet’s arm should break, just unscrew the part and replace it with some fresh wire. The kit also comes with steel feet and very powerful super magnets, so you can magnetize your puppet to a set top or use the M5 bolts for a secure tie-down – a valuable tool when animating unsupported walk/run cycles and standing.

  • 3 Meters of Approx 1.5mm Aluminum Animation Wire - Enough to Build Multiple Armatures or Replacement Parts
  • 2 Breast/Hip Joints (4 Way Brass)
  • 2 Feet (Steel with Brass Boss)
  • 1 Head Block (3 Way Brass)
  • 2 Super Animation Magnets
  • 2 Ready to Decorate Acrylic Eyes
  • 1 Instructional Diagram
  • 10 Grubs Screws
  • 2 M5 Tie-Down Bolts
  • 2 M5 Washers
  • 2 M5 Wing Nuts
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