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Dash and Dot Robots Wonder Pack

Item #: DDR-007 | Grades K-5

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Discover a new world of play, learning and adventure!

Meet Dash, the explorer and Dot, the storyteller.

About Dash and Dot

Dash & Dot by Wonder Workshop are exciting, hands-on learning tools for students in grades K-5! Targeted at teaching creative problem solving and computational thinking, Dash & Dot help students learn fundamental processes relevant for all 21st century skills. Students send commands to the robots to move them, light them up, and have them detect the world around them using 4 free coding applications available on iPad and Android tablets.

The Dash & Dot Wonder Pack contains:

1 Dash Robot

1 Dot Robot

1 Accessory Pack (Bulldozer bar to clean up those toys (for Dash only), bunny ears, a bunny tail, a tow hook, and a *Smartphone Mount is being included for FREE for a limited time!)

1 Xylophone Pack (Everything you need to turn Dash into a Beethoven while you learn to program with music. Mallet accessory included)

"Dash & Dot have transformed the way my students learn about coding and computer science." Susan Prabulos, technology teacher, Meadow Lane Elementary, NE

Note: Dash & Dot require iPad 3 or newer, iPad Mini, or select Android tablets. Click on the yellow specifications tab above for the compatibility list.

New ways to play and learn

Kids can define how they want to play. Whether your child is into having make-believe tea parties, building elaborate forts, or adventuring with friends, Dash & Dot will be there every step of the way. Empower your child to program Dash & Dot into anything they imagine.

Interact with the real world

It’s a big world out there, and Dash & Dot are ready help you explore. Program them to squeal when you pick them up, navigate around sharp corners, or be on the lookout for approaching siblings or pets.

Visual, hands-on programming

We set a low floor but a high ceiling for coding. Blockly is a drag-and-drop programming language that snaps together like puzzle pieces. Start by sending simple commands, learn programming concepts as you play, and progress to creating more complex algorithms.

Endless creative possibilities

Dash & Dot are even more fun with add-ons. Play a song on Dash’s Xylophone, take videos using the smartphone mount, and add bricks (including LEGOTM) to them with Building Brick Connectors. Transforming Dash & Dot is easy with accessories and a small dose of creativity.

Watch this video of a classroom using Dash and Dot

"They have been instrumental in teaching students empathy, cooperative play, teamwork, patience, resilience, persistence, and taking risks." Smita Kolhatkar, technology teacher, Barron Park Elementary, CA

STEM and other Learning Objectives

Dash & Dot are characters that ignite curiosity and confidence while providing fun and engaging ways of learning essential skills including: collaboration,communication, and digital literacy. Teachers use Dash & Dot to teach a variety of subject areas including the following:

Computational thinking. Analyze problems and design algorithms to program robot actions and reactions using Blockly, a visual drag-and-drop coding tool.

Math. Explore concepts like the number line, geometry, angles, distance, time, and variables.

Science. Learn about the scientific method, or program Dash to mimic behavior in the natural world.

Engineering. Develop design thinking skills by building extensions on the robots with LEGO® bricks.

Creative writing and the arts. Explore storytelling, drawing, and even music.

Dash and Dot Accessories **SOLD SEPARATELY**

Xylophone - Compose, loop, and play tunes while driving around. Use along with the Xylo App to compose your own musical masterpiece!

Building Brick Connectors

Transform Dash and Dot into anything you can imagine with popular building bricks such as LEGO&trade.

Tow Hook

Use the tow hook to take Dash & Dot on an adventure, bring a friend for a ride or just hang around.

Smartphone Mount

Record what Dash & Dot see with this handy smartphone mount.

Bunny Ears & Tail

Wait, did you hear that? Hop around the room with bunny ears and tail for Dash & Dot.

Bulldozer Bar

Get some serious work done with Dash's bulldozer bar.

Added Benefits

Curriculum Included

Comprehensive lesson plans aligned to Common Core and NGSS standards designed for teachers by teachers. Our cross-curricular lessons cover math, science, ELA, coding, and more. All lessons include detailed lesson procedures, guiding questions, evaluation rubrics.

Apps to use with Dash and Dot

Dash and Dot come with 4 Apps: Go, Path, Blockly and Xylo. These apps are for moving Dash and Dot, setting paths, programming by snapping together puzzle pieces and creating.

Wonder Magazine and classroom activities included

You'll receive the informative Wonder Magazine along with a getting started guide and a collection of classroom activities. You'll also be included in the Teach Wonder Program, where you'll get the latest tips along with how other teachers are using Dash and Dot in their classrooms.

Volume Discounts for Educators! Get 10% off when you purchase 5 or more Dash and Dots. See pricing in the drop down price menu at the top of the page.

FREE shipping on orders of Dash and Dot!

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

For Thirty (30) days after date of order shipment by Wonder Workshop™, Inc., there will be a refund of the purchase price or exchange the Product.

For One (1) year after purchasing the Product, you will be covered by a Limited Warranty.

About the Creators of Dash and Dot - Wonder Workshop

Founded in 2012 in San Mateo, California with a mission of making coding meaningful and fun for kids. Their Mission Statement is:

Make Wonder "We think kids spend far too much of their days hearing about what they should and shouldn't do.

The toy industry tells them which toys it's okay to play with. Success is too often measured by standardized performance, rather than individual ingenuity. However as parents, we want kids to learn to think for themselves.

We believe that every child should be empowered to question, think, and create. We want to encourage them to be curious and to find their own joy in learning. Coding enables creativity and agency in this new world. By learning to code, they are becoming shapers of their own world."
Minimum system requirements: Supported OS(s) and Devices

iOS 7.1 or newer

iPad 3 or newer,

iPad Air,

iPad Mini

iOS 8.1 or newer (Go app only)

iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+,

iPod Touch 5

Android 4.4 (KitKat) or newer

Nexus 7 (2013 / 2nd generation),

Nexus 9,

Galaxy Note 10.1 or newer,

Galaxy Note Pro 12.2,

Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, 10.1,

Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, 8.0, 10.1

Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4,

Galaxy Tab S 8.4, 10.5

Nabi 2S

Nabi DreamTab

Galaxy S4, S5 (Go app only)


Dash and Dot Xylophone Accessory

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Dash and Dot Accessories Pack

Buy for $39.99!