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Dragonframe 3.6 Advanced Animation Software for Mac & PC with USB Keypad

Item #: DF-SMP | Grades 6-12

Dragonframe 3.6 Is the premier image capture software for stop motion animation. Compatible with both PC and Mac systems this versatile software features advanced animation and cinematography tools to bring your animation projects to life.

Features Include:
  • Advanced Animation tools like Chromakey and Rotoscope
  • Cinematography tools like Camera Tools and Composition Guides
  • Frame Based Timeline Editor
  • Lip Sync System
  • Configurable X Sheet
  • Vector Drawing Tools
  • Advanced DMX
  • Motion Control
  • Project Management
  • And many more - see details below!

  • Learn about Dragonframe 3.6 in this video

    Dragonframe 3.6 is delivered electonically via email link to download. The software will need to be downloaded from Dragonframe and installed usign the provided serial key. The USB controller ships separately and will arrive within 10-14 days of order processing.

Minimum system requirements: Dragonframe 3.6:

Windows: Compatible


1.33 GHz CPU


OpenGL 2.1 Capable Graphics Card

Mac: Compatible

Mac OS X 10.6.8+

1.33 GHz CPU


QuickTime 7.2 or newer

OpenGL 2.1 Capable Graphics Card
Lesson Plan Name Grades
Enhancing Social Skills and Vocabulary through Photography K to 5
Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders will use photography to visualize, practice and evaluate their communicative exchanges.Younger students will use pictures to build their vocabulary.
What's Your Angle 3 to 5
Students will use digital cameras to locate and record several type of angles found in their school. They will identify these angles, put into a slide show and use it to teach others about geometric angles.
Exploring My Environment for Speech and Language K to 5
Student will photograph objects containing their targeted speech sounds and/or items in selected categories. These photographs will be used in a power point slide show for individual drill and copied to establish a "visual library".
Digital Portfolios 9 to 12
Students create digital portfolios of their artwork using PowerPoint.
A Different Perspective 6 to 12
Teaching wheelchair bound students the joys of photography.
School Renovation -- What's Your Idea?! 5 to 8
Students visited area elementary schools to seek ideas for the renovation of their school. Presentations were made to architects and the school board.
Van Gogh Self-Portrait 7 to 10
Students will create a self-portrait in the style of Van Gogh.
From Future Flight to Past Flight 5 to 8
By integrating a virtual learning environment with a real-world, hands-on experience, students experience a higher level of understanding. Furthermore, by teaching others, students exercise their own creativity and long term recognition.
Promoting Reading Posters 9 to 12
Students are featured on large posters endorsing a novel for reading. Posters are student generated and posted throughout the school.
Publishing With Photos! K to 5
Students will create their own books using photographs for illustrations.