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GoPro Camo Housing + QuickClip (Realtree Xtra)

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GoPro Camo Housing + QuickClip (Realtree Xtra)

This Camo Housing camouflages your GoPro in woodland environments. Its Realtree Xtra pattern blends perfectly year-round in a variety of habitats. The QuickClip lets you attach it to a backwards baseball cap or other 3mm to 10mm thick object. Includes Standard, Skeleton and Touch Backdoors. Waterproof to 131 (40m).

Get 20% off using code GP20 at checkout

  • Non-reflective, Realtree Xtra camouflage is optimized for woodland environments
  • QuickClip lets you attach the Camo Housing to a backwards baseball cap or other 3mm to 10mm thick object
  • Includes LCD concealment stickers to eliminate light reflection from the LCD window
  • Includes Standard, Skeleton and Touch Backdoors
  • Waterproof to 131 (40m)

    Note:The Frame is not waterproof and not intended for use in extreme conditions where dirt and sharp objects can damage the camera lens

    Compatibility: HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver, HERO3+, HERO3

    Whats included
    • Camo Housing (Realtree Xtra)
    • QuickClip Standard Backdoor Skeleton Backdoor Touch Backdoor Mounting Buckle Thumb ScrewLCD Concealment Stickers
Lesson Plan Name Grades
Trees For Trout! 4 to 4
Classroom project that incorporates forestry and fish to investigate the lifecycle of trout and the effects of forest practices on them.
WCCS News 78 Investigative Report K to 8
Several television stations in the St. Louis metropolitan area feature a news investigative reporter who acts on tips received from local viewers. The West County Christian School seventh/eighth grade students will research/investigate a news tip, send their own news investigative team to the site to document digitally their findings, write the script to produce a news report, and then videotape that presentation.
In the Days of our People: Shageluk, Alaska K to 12
Archiving Athabaskan Memories from Shageluk: Student projects
Bollywood, Philadelphia 9 to 12
Students will create a Bollywood-type musical using digital media.
City's 50th Anniversary: A Snap Shot in Time K to 12
Walnut is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The project would have students from all age levels taking picture and creating a living snap shot of the community regardless of age, sex, or beliefs. This would be put on display in City Hall and used as a video for the local Cable Network.
Student Solutions- Saving Our Surroundings 4 to 8
Students will investigate plants, animals and their habitats creating several products to educate and share their fellow classmates. During the process of research, students will also develop ideas to help solve the problem of endangered habitats, animals and plants.
Learn and Serve Video 10 to 12
Students in my Multimedia class create a video on any topic related to the K-12 curriculum. They partner with a teacher in that subject / grade for ideas and then they script, video, edit, and publish a video that teaches the topic.
Nature Inspired Digital Alphabet 2 to 5
Through digital photography and basic computer skills students create their own nature inspired digital alphabet. Students find letters of the alphabet in objects made from nature, for example: ground erosion makes the letter y, or the veins of a leaf make the A.
What in the World..?!? 3 to 5
You don't need to be able to read to love science, computers, and photography. My special education students will use these materials to create their own photographic "I Spy" books during our What in the World..?!? photo project. Using picture symbol software and photographs, students can address all content areas including math, reading, writing, technology, and science.