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GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking

Item #: GP-PGF
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GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking

This guide to professional filmmaking using GoPro cameras and accessories is packed with hundreds of beautiful photos and interactive links to videos created by professional athletes, filmmakers, and inspired GoPro users around the world.

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A perfect companion to help guide your creative student artists!

"I recommend this guide to the varying techniques of filmmaking using the

GoPro camera. The various chapters cover many different topics which are important to anyone who wishes to create their own professional quality films;

as well as improving their skills at composing and utilizing all the features available from the novice filmmaker to the aspiring pro. - William C.

Chapter Summary


Learn a little more about the fascinating history of GoPro and the camera’s development on surf adventures in Indonesia and Mexico.

Chapter 1 - Primer

An introduction to the camera’s basic photo and video modes, as well as Protune, GoPro Studio, and Wi-Fi. Helps explain key concepts such as resolution and frame rate for beginners, while touching on image processing and quality for our more advanced users.

Chapter 2 - Mounts

A chapter for all mounts made by GoPro, as well as experimental mounts developed by GoPro's Original Production team (or others) over the years. Also includes sections dedicated to traditional filmmaker tools, as well as advanced multi-camera technologies such as 3D and Spherical.

Chapter 3 - Angles by Activity

A quick reference guide for filming any activity with your GoPro. Just flip to the section of your choice for a multitude of camera angles, mounting options, and tips. Covers surf, snow, auto, bike, human flight, paddle, motorcycle, skate, underwater, wake, wind, outdoor, music, team sports, and animals.

Chapter 4 – Capturing a Story

Learn about planning and shaping your story before you even start shooting, gear lists to help you remember all essential items, the essential idea of coverage, and on-site shooting considerations such as lighting, sound capture, and interviews. Also includes a breakdown of several different GoPro productions we have experienced in the past.

Chapter 5 – Art of Editing

Make your GoPro footage come alive in post-production. Covers the various stages of editing: from footage review and planning, to the different kinds of cuts, to color and sound. Provides insight of the most essential part of making a video: creating a story through the careful arrangement of characters and dramatic structure.

Chapter 6 – Story Analysis

Learning to analyze stories is an essential part of filmmaking craft. This chapter breaks down some of our favorite GoPro videos, their story structures, and how they were created.

Chapter 7 – Share Your World

What would GoPro be without social media and online sharing? This chapter provides an overview of some of the basic sharing platforms out there today, as well as breaks down what makes a truly viral video.
Lesson Plan Name Grades
Bollywood, Philadelphia 9 to 12
Students will create a Bollywood-type musical using digital media.
Fit or Fat? 6 to 8
Students will be involved in a Science and Health lessons that involve nutrition and exercise. They will create Healthy Snacks and exercise profiles for the class.
Exploring our World through Video 2 to 4
I want to allow students to use video to express their lives and the area in which they live. I also would like for them to learn how to use a camera, import video and create great projects using that video.
Title: Digital Photo Storytelling on Five Senses, a project based learning activity by Mary Gore P-K to 2
Learning about the five senses is a very exciting and fun experience that students in the primary grades are eager to engage in as well as share with others, in and out of the classroom. Through digital photo storytelling project learners are able to document their experiences and take on various roles as they create a presentation project.This is a project based learning activity.
Movies for Motivation: Encouraging Literacy Through Student-Created Films 9 to 12
Struggling readers enrolled in a Targeted Reading class will use Tool Factory Movie Maker to create videos advertising their favorite books. These videos will then be shown to the entire school as part of a school-wide literacy encouragement effort.
30 Ways In 30 days 5 to 6
Learners are challenged with the essential question, "How can I make a significant difference in the world in just 30 days?" To highlight their experience, the learners must keep a log book, create a documentary, and publish an original book.
(PART 2) Applied STEM: Rocketry and its Components 6 to 8
See Part 1 for all following sections with the exception of Lesson Plan Description.
(PART 3) Applied STEM: Rocketry and its Components 6 to 8
See Part 1 for following sections with the exception of Lesson Plan Description.
(PART 4) Applied STEM: Rocketry and its Components 6 to 8
See Part 1 for the following sections with the exception of Lesson Plan Description.
Movies for Mothers P-K to 5
Students will use photos, drawings, and videos to create a movie using Tool Factory Movie Maker as a heartwarming gift for their mother on Mother's Day.