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HoverCam 8 - Ultra 8 USB Document Camera

Item #: HCU8 | Grades K-12

The New HoverCam Ultra 8 Ultra 8 is the HoverCam you can use without a computer. Ultra 8 is the world's first document camera with HDMI, VGA and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 video outputs with 8.0 MegaPixel resolution and 60 frames/sec speed. Connect it directly to a monitor or projector without a computer using an HDMI or VGA cable, or, use it with a computer with the USB cable to display live HD video for instruction, training and presentations.


It includes software for scanning, taking 8MP snapshots and recording full-motion no-lag HD video over USB directly to the computer, which is easy to share. Or, take snap shots and record video directly to a SD card. It includes a LCD preview monitor that is also used for touch screen control. Calling the HoverCam a document camera doesn't do it justice - it does so much more. It's also a scanner, HD webcam and video recorder.

Ultra 8 Highlights

HDMI, VGA and USB 3.0 Connectors

Now you don't need your computer to connect! Go direct from the HDMI port to a flat panel. Use the VGA cable to hook up directly to a projector and use the USB 3.0 port to connect to an interactive whiteboards and record for hundreds of hours!

Stunning 30fps Full Motion Video

Solo 8 utilizes a new generation of imaging technology called Photon 1.0. For the first time ever, the world will get a document camera that delivers 4x 1080p resolution at full motion frame rate at the same time. This is an unprecedented achievement in USB camera technology. All new generation HoverCams will be equipped with this amazing proprietary technology, allowing you to truly create captivating lag-free video.

LCD Viewing Control Panel

The HoverCam Ultra 8 is about one-quarter the size and weight of traditional document cameras – making it portable - and costs less. Instead of bulky and expensive optical components, Ultra 8 incorporates an 8MP sensor and HoverCam’s patent pending Adaptive Sensor Resolution (ASR) zoom that allows the unit to zoom digitally without degradation. The Ultra 8 also includes an LCD preview monitor that is also used to control the unit without buttons.

Connect to a Computer or Direct to other Devices

For K-12 classrooms where the computer is the center of teaching, the Ultra 8 can be connected to the computer allowing a teacher to use it to scan documents, take 8MP snapshots and to record no lag HD video at 1080p resolution directly to the computer, which is easy to share. For customers who don’t want to use the computer, your video, scans and photos may be saved to an included SD card.

With the HDMI, VGA and USB 3.0 cables, you can skip the computer and plug directly into a flat panel, projector or whiteboard!

Record Hundreds of Hours of Video

Unlike other stand-alone document cameras, capturing video is not limited to the size of SD cards or on-board storage. Instead of just a few hours of footage, easily record 200 hours in 720p (under 200GB), which can fit onto most hard drives. Quickly transfer straight from the PC to YouTube or other cloud sharing services.

Annotate Over Live Video

HoverCam FlexVIEW comes with a rich set of annotation tools that are often only found in Interactive Whiteboard software. We've also gone beyond annotation over still images, and enabled annotation over live video. This allows you to illustrate points better, to present more clearly and to make your classroom more interactive.

Archive and Organize

FlexVIEW gives you the convenience of a full-featured archive manager. Instantly know where your images and videos are stored. Effortlessly search, tag, group, stack, combine and collate files. Create multiple paged PDF or TIFF files or create various folders to keep class documents and student files organized.

Zoom Re-invented

Our Photon 1.0 imaging engine uses Adaptive Sensor Resolution (ASR) technology that adapts to your screen size and gives you all 8 million uncompressed pixels at a 4x magnification. This is equivalent to optical zoom, without the bulkiness and high cost. Add to that 10X mechanical zoom and software enhanced 8X interpolated zoom for a total zoom capability of 320X.

Compact & Versatile

Our advanced electronics are paired with meticulous craftsmanship and well thought-out design. Five pivot points allow the camera to be pointed in any direction, raised to shoot large areas, lowered for close-ups and folded for compactness. A swivel lens allows for 90-degree rotation for image orientation.

No External Power Adapter Needed

A single USB 3.0 cable is the only thing needed to power the Solo 8. This gives you the convenience of plug-and-play simplicity. The Solo 8 uses less than 5 volts, which is within the maximum power of USB 2.0 and only half the power of USB 3.0.

Scan from A3 to Business Card Size

The Solo 8 can be fully extended and raised to cover an 11"x17" (A3) area. It can also be lowered to scan smaller items like business cards or driver's licenses. Use Solo 8 as a scanner to scan multiple pages into one PDF file.

Capture Vibrant Still Photos

Capture photos in clear 8 MegaPixel resolution (while still storing each image under 1MB). Capture multiple images based on time intervals or motion triggered shutter. Save in .jpeg, multi-paged .pdf, .png, .tiff and others.

Advanced Camera Controls

Solo 8 is the first USB document camera that offers advanced camera controls normally found in expensive digital SLR cameras. Through our FlexVIEW software, easily utilize autofocus, select-focus, manual exposure, select exposure and auto white balance functionalities.

SlingShot into Favorite Programs

Any file created with the Solo 8 can easily be used in any of your favorite programs. Just click the SlingShot button in FlexVIEW to instantly drop your images or videos into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Evernote, Interactive Whiteboards and more.

Half the Price

We deliver higher performance than our competitors at half the price because we employed smart solutions that replaced expensive optical components with electronic technology and leveraged the full intelligence of computers. The result is lower cost, high performance and better user interface.
Minimum system requirements: Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Sensor 8.0 MegaPixel BSI CMOS

Optics 1/3.2” Sensor

Lens 5 Element f2.0 High Precision Lens Assembly

Focus Auto-Focus, Auto-Focus Lock, Select Region Focus, minimum 1.96”

Image Resolution focal distance3264x2448, 3264x1836, 1600x1200, 1920x1080, 1024x768,1280x720, 800x600

Zoom Total 320x Zoom (4x ASR Zoom, 8x Interpolated Digital Zoom, 10x Mechanical Zoom)

Scan Size 13x21, A3, A4, 11x17, US Letter and Legal

Frame Rate 8MP @ 60FPS | 1080 @ 60FPS

Video Compression YUV (USB 3.0/HDMI/VGA) or MJPEG (USB 2.0)

Microphone Built-in with noise reduction

Weight 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs.)

Dimensions Folded (L) 26 cm, (H) 7.5 cm (W) 12.0 cm (10.2” x 3” x 4.7”)

Dimensions Unfolded (Maximum) (L) 21 cm, (H) 44.5 cm, (W) 12.0 cm (8.3” x 17.5” x 4.7”)

Lighting 4 built-in ultra-bright LED’s

Power Requirements DC adapter 5.6 volt

Output Connector HDMI, VGA, and USB3.0 or USB2.0

System Requirements (Optional) CPU 1.6 GHz , 2.0 GHz recommended, RAM 512MB minimum, 1 GB recommended

Control Interface RS232C

SD Card slot 8GB micro SD card included

Recording Format AVI

Warranty 2 years

Certifications FCC, CE, RoHS

LCD Preview Monitor 4.3’’ Monitor Included

LCD resolution 480 x 272