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Donated 5G hotspots with Mobile Beacon's Unlimited Internet Service

Item #: MB-5GHS | Grades K-12
Status: April 15

Hotspots are currently out of stock - You can still submit your donation request for hotspots to get in the queue. 4G hotspots are available HERE if you have an immediate need. Thank you for your patience.

Get Free and discounted 5G mobile wi-fi hotspots with unlimited service for $10/month!


The Mobile Beacon donation program at Digital Wish provides free mobile broadband 5G hotspots to eligible public and non-profit private schools throughout the United States. Shipping and handling fees will apply. Additional fees such as an activation fee may be applicable. Educators and staff employed by a public or eligible non-profit educational organizations may request a hotspot individually for use away from campus.

Hotspots Request Process

  • Request up to three 5G hotspot donations
  • Get an additional 12 5G hotspots at $50 discount
  • Request donations and get discount coupons by adding to cart above
  • Administrative fee will be applied at checkout
  • Get an additional 15 4G hotspot donations HERE

About the Digital Wish Hotspot Donation Program:

Set up a hotspot in your gym, cafeteria or anywhere there's a wireless dead zone in your school. You can use these mobile hotspots to connect compatible computers or Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones and tablets to the Internet from any location within the Mobile Beacon coverage area. The hotspots must be used with a subscription to Mobile Beacon's mobile broadband service.

This donation provides up to three JEXtream® RG2100 5G Mobile Hotspots ($190 unit retail value) for connecting to the Mobile Beacon mobile broadband Internet service. Organizations can also request an additional 12 devices at $50 discount.

Shipping and handling fees will apply. Additional fees such as an activation fee may be applicable. Mobile Beacon Internet service is not included with this donation. To receive the donation, you must purchase a subscription at the current pricing of $120 for 12 months ($10 per month, paid annually in advance) per device. You will be provided with a promotion code, request number, and instructions on obtaining your hotspot and Mobile Beacon service. Schools typically receive hotspots 5-10 business days after you place your subscription service orders.

Up to 3 donated JEXtream® RG2100 5G Mobile Hotspots

Up to12 additional hotspots at $50 discount available per school - If your school exceeds the 15 device limit, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Get an additional 15 donated 4G hotspots HERE.

Access More. Teach More. Learn More

Mobile broadband is revolutionizing education. It provides critical access to the Internet, resources and each other. This program can support a variety of educational needs:
  • Integrate more technology in the classroom, including BYOD and 1-to-1 initiatives
  • Create a low-cost back-up Internet source to ensure your lesson plans aren't interrupted by slow speeds or a lost Internet connection
  • Meet the broadband demands of the Common Core State Standards initiative
  • Provide out-of-school access to disadvantaged or at-risk students who do not have Internet access at home
  • Create instant wireless access to unwired areas of your buildings
  • Keep teachers, faculty, staff or students connected during field trips, sporting events, and other off-campus activities
  • Provide out-of-school mobile Internet access to teachers and staff to stay connected remotely and increase professional development opportunities
See real examples of how educators are using Mobile Beacon's wireless service to improve educational opportunities.

A one-time $30 administrative fee applies on checkout for each donated device. A $15 administrative fee applies on checkout for each $50 off coupon towards additional devices*:

Additional Devices Available at Standard Rates
Organizations may apply for Mobile Beacon's donation once during the same fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) and receive up to 3 hotspots with subscriptions. Organizations may also receive up to 12 discounted devices per school with a 250 maximum per district. If you need devices beyond what is included through Mobile Beacon's device donation programs, additional devices can be purchased from Mobile Beacon at standard rates. Please reach out to [email protected]. Mobile Beacon provides free consultation to help organizations determine the best devices for their needs.

One-Year Prepaid Service Agreement Required
Educators that participate in this offer must agree to pay Mobile Beacon in advance for one year of mobile broadband Internet service for each device received. The current education & nonprofit pricing for this service is $120 for 12 months ($10 per month, paid annually in advance). Digital Wish is not a party to this agreement. Refunds for the service must be requested directly from Mobile Beacon within 30 days of receiving it. See Mobile Beacon's limited refund policy here.

Mobile Beacon Internet Service
The wireless broadband service offered by Mobile Beacon uses the same network as the services offered by many telecommunications companies.Its download speeds average 6 to 8 megabits per second, with peak speeds of 25 megabits per second with 4G service and over 100 megabits per second with 5G service.

Verifying Coverage
Organizations must confirm that the location where they will use the Mobile Beacon service falls within the Mobile Beacon 5G coverage area before requesting this offer. Verify coverage now.

Choose Carefully
The administrative fee for this product is not refundable.

Obtaining This Product
A $30 administrative fee for donated devices and the $15 per coupon for discounted devices will be applied at checkout.* You will need to activate the $120 annual plan with Mobile Beacon for the donated device(s). Shipping and handling fees will apply. Additional fees such as an activation fee may be applicable. Digital Wish will email you a subscription code and instructions. A school, organization or personal credit card is required to process your subscription service with Mobile Beacon. The hotspots will be activated and shipped to your school address or alternate address if necessary. You will renew Internet service directly through Mobile Beacon. If you find that you need more mobile hotspots after the first year, you can return to Digital Wish and request more Mobile Beacon products.

Additional Program Rules

Organization email addresses required - All accounts require that email addresses must be affilated with the school, not a personal email address.

Case study: Recipient organizations must be willing and able to provide information to Mobile Beacon to create a case study or testimonial on this program.

Product distribution: Products will be distributed under this program to qualifying schools and educators only. Recipient organizations may not transfer or resell Mobile Beacon products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Mobile Beacon's website for FAQs about the donation program.

1.Who qualifies for this program? Educators employed by Public and Private Non-Profit PreK-12 and higher education organizations qualify for this program. Other educationally based non-profit organizations may also qualify. Contact [email protected] for assistance.

2. I’m a teacher that does a lot of lesson plan creation and research at home. Can I use the device away from school? Absolutely! Mobile Beacon wants teachers to have anytime, anywhere access available.

3. Do we need to order the device through our school administration? No, - you can order service with personal credit cards, but you must be an employee of a school and you must use your official school email address to be eligible.

4 . Some of our students don't have internet at home. Can we get the devices for their home use? YES! Digital Wish and Mobile Beacon believes internet equity for students is very important. A key benefit of this program is to help give all students equal access to the internet for their schoolwork. While families cannot directly order Mobile Beacon's service and get donated hotspots directly through this program, we have worked with school districts to set up Mobile Beacon programs to bridge the digital divide. Some districts are lending hotspots to students for working on assignments at home. Other districts have set up service payment plans for families needing the devices for their children. Schools purchase the service and get reimbursed from families. Contact [email protected] to learn more and get assistance with setting up the best program for your district.

5. Is the service plan linked to the mobile device? Yes, the device is linked to the plan. This is a great bonus, because the hotspots can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices. For example, if you're on a field trip with students, you can bring along three of the hotspots and have up to 60 students accessing the web at one time.

6. If ordering several devices, can I just order one service plan now to make sure it works for us? Yes, you can order one device now and activate the others at any time within the fiscal period (ending on June 30th). You can cancel your subscription within the first 30 days after activation if the service does not meet your needs. Please contact Mobile Beacon directly to cancel your service plan. You will be issued a refund for any unused months of service. -Important: Keep the original modem box packaging and all accessories. A return of the device cannot be processed unless it is complete in original packaging!

7. Do I need to order by June 30th? You can order at any time. We allow up to 14 5Gdevices (3 donated and 11 discounted) per school per fiscal year which ends on June 30th. You can also get up to 15 4G donations. If you order your annual limit of 14 before June 30th, 2024, then you can get another 14 devices after July 1, 2025. If your school exceeds the limit and your school or district needs more devices, contact [email protected] to learn about options.

8. How many wireless phones, iPads, tablets, etc. can I connect to a Mobile Beacon device? Hotspots provide access for up to 20 wireless phones, tablets, etc.

9.Will the annual service cost increase after my first year? Mobile Beacon strives to keep the rate at $10/month and has done so over the past 5 years. Should it change in the future, our customers would be notified in advance.

10.What happens if my hotspot is broken, lost or stolen?If your hotspot fails because of a defect, it is covered by a one year manufacturer's warranty. If you break , lose it or it's stolen, you will need to purchase a new hotspot from Mobile Beacon directly at $190/unit plus shipping and handling. Your service plan would be transferred to the new device and the old one would be deactivated. Important: Record the MEID/IMEI number number on the back of the hotspot and keep it in a safe place. You will need this number when contacting Mobile Beacon about issues with the devices.

11. Are the devices CIPA compliant? A CIPA compliant tool is available for interested customers. If you are interested, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Content filtering for Mobile Beacon devices.” A customer service representative will reach out to you with more information.

Additionally, we recommend schools who are loaning out devices to have students/parents be given cyber security/ cyber bullying materials from their district and also have them read / sign the district's Acceptable Use Policy.

About Mobile Beacon
Mobile Beacon provides high-speed, low-cost, mobile internet access to the anchors of communities: the nonprofits, schools, libraries and healthcare organizations that provide vital services to millions of Americans every day. Through this broadband service, organizations have an essential tool to fulfill their missions and maximize their philanthropic impact, which allows organizations to access more information, reach more people, and help more in their communities. Learn more at www.mobilebeacon.org.

Visit our Hotspot Program Support Page - Get tips from other educators on the many educational uses for the hotspots and find out how your school can set up a Hotspot Lending Pool for Students

Lighting up the Internet in dark zones - “The Mobile Beacon devices saved us! Until last year, only the main buildings of the school had internet access, even for teachers. But we had teachers and classrooms outside in the portables. Before the devices, teachers had to come into the school on their free time to enter attendance and grades on the computer. With the Mobile Beacon devices, all teachers were able to use the technology straight from their own classrooms even if they were in the portables.

Also, the Mobile Beacon devices have been a great boon to our Broadcast Magnet program. Many programs and news feeds are blocked or so slow that the Magnet students had issues getting the video they needed. With the mobile hotspot, the students were able to download needed video to share as well as upload their own videos for competitions.”

Dr. Suzanne Banas, NBCT - South Miami Community Middle School

* The non-refundable administrative fee helps to support our work in serving K-12 educators in the US. This helps cover our costs for credit card transaction charges, delivery of products to schools, customer support and verification services, staffing and overhead.
Minimum system requirements: For all 4G and 5Gdevices — activated Mobile Beacon mobile broadband Internet service is required (not included)

Key features:

Connectivity for up to 20 Devices

WiFi 6 Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz Technology

Supports International Bands

Power-Bank Feature Allows Charging to External Devices

2.4-inch TFT Color Display

Enhanced Security

Remote Management

Portable Compact Design

Rechargeable 5,000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery

JEXtream® RG2100 5G Mobile Hotspot is a powerful 5G solution providing reliable Wi-Fi 6 internet to remote workers, outdoor meetings, travelers and more. Cellular connectivity means no hassle Wi-Fi wherever there is coverage, providing blazing fast speeds to multiple devices simply and securely.

Additional Specifications

Battery Description - 5000mAH

Ports - USB Type-C

Connectivity - Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, Dual Band 2.4 & 5GHz

Processor - Qualcomm SDX62

Ram - 1 GB

Maximum Expandable Memory - 0 GB

Wireless Network Technology Generations - 4G LTE, 5G

Supported Email Platforms - Apple Mail, POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, Microsoft® Exchange, AOL, AIM, Yahoo!® Mail, GMail

WEA Capable - false

Mobile Hotspot Capable - true

Frequency - UMTS: Band I (2100), Band II (1900), Band IV (1700/2100), Band V (850), Band VIII (900); 5G: n25, n41, n66, n71, n77; LTE: 2, 4, 5, 12, 25, 26, 41, 48, 66, 71; LTE Roaming: 1, 3, 7, 8, 13, 20, 28, 38, 39, 40

Weight - 8.29 Ounces

Length - 0.74

Height - 5.1

Width - 3.3

What's in the box?

JEXtream® RG2100 5G Mobile Hotspot

USB Type C Cable

Power Adapter

5,000mAh Rechargeable battery

Quick Start Guide