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Flight Simulation Software

Item #: OAS-04 | Grades 9-12

RealFlight Drone Simulation Software and Controller

Perhaps you’re just beginning to explore the world of drones...or maybe you want to develop aerial photography skills that will help you take better pictures and videos. Whatever your goals, RealFlight Drone helps you achieve them quickly and safely. Learn to maneuver your drone for impressive aerial photos. Develop FPV camera and gimbal control skills to find the best angles.

Protect your drone and camera investments by mastering new skills risk free on your computer!

Software Features
  • RealPhysics 3D, including multi-rotor physics
  • TrueView™ realistic lighting
  • Reset/Rewind

About the Controller

The InterLink Elite controller works like a real, high-quality drone flight transmitter and has the same controls — even digital trims. No batteries or complicated setup are required. The controller operates all software functions, so you won’t have to juggle your keyboard and mouse. If you already own an R/C transmitter, you may also be able to fly your drone simulations with it using the InterLink Elite's built-in interface.

Controller Features
  • Looks and feels like an actual R/C hobby flight transmitter
  • Offers 8 channels for easy access to drone features
  • Operates all software functions through the controller using QuickSelect – no juggling a mouse and keyboard
  • Pilots can use the built-in interface to fly with their own transmitter