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School of Digital Video

School of Digital Video

Item #: SOVID | Grades K-12

Call Tool Factory for scheduling, a quote, or to design your own professional development package at (800) 220-8386. Tool Factory will send a trainer to your school for an entire day of video recording and editing with cross-curricular technology integration planning! The price includes training for 7 people, but you can always add more.

Every attendee receives:
  • An HD Video Camera (worth $150)
  • 3 Creaza Education online software suite annual logins (worth $60)
  • Tool Factory’s Adventures in Technology book (worth $20)
  • 1 Clip Art Station subscription account (worth $35)

Learn to use simple video technology to inspire students. Record videos with ease and use the Creaza Education online software suite to edit videos into fun, curriculum-specific projects. The Tool Factory trainer will give the basics of how to edit your videos, and in minutes you'll have your very own completed video project! More detailed training will include using Creaza'a MovieEditor for classroom claymation projects and how to create layered, sophisticated sounding tracks. Come with curriculum objectives in mind and leave with many classroom applications!

“Our faculty was amazed at the knowledge and friendliness of the Tool Factory trainer who came to our school. The instructor was entertaining, but also informative. Teachers from all disciplines took part in the training, and our trainer gave excellent advice on how each of those teachers could use the [technology] to create captivating lessons tailored for their specific classes…Tool Factory recognizes the needs of their clients and will work one-on-one with you to tailor their software and hardware bundles, as well as the professional development sessions, to fit your instructional needs.” ~ Craig Zeller, Technology Coordinator, Brother Martin High School

Call Tool Factory for the most current camcorder model, for a quote, and to schedule.

*Price may vary depending on travel costs. Call for a quote.

Minimum system requirements: Internet connection, Flash
Lesson Plan Name Grades
School Renovation -- What's Your Idea?! 5 to 8
Students visited area elementary schools to seek ideas for the renovation of their school. Presentations were made to architects and the school board.
Toy Inventor’s Workshop 11 to 11
Students work in small groups to develop a toy for preschool age children.
Van Gogh Self-Portrait 7 to 10
Students will create a self-portrait in the style of Van Gogh.
Math Vocabulary 6 to 8
Students create jingles, songs, and displays to teach vocabulary to their peers and younger students.
Virtual Museum of Musical Instruments 4 to 8
Students create and build their own musical instruments based on existing characteristics of the four families of the symphony orchestra. They will take photographs of their completed instruments, record the sounds and post them to an existing web site which showcases student work. They will also create their own web page which will be attached to the teacher web site.
Claymation Video Lessons 5 to 12
Students will create simple 3D oil-based clay characters, which will move through 2D student-created environments(stop-action videography). Students will narrate the stories thus created.
Let's Rock and Roll K to 5
Photograph rock formations in the area and how the land was formed through erosion, land upheavals, and sediment building.
WCCS News 78 Investigative Report K to 8
Several television stations in the St. Louis metropolitan area feature a news investigative reporter who acts on tips received from local viewers. The West County Christian School seventh/eighth grade students will research/investigate a news tip, send their own news investigative team to the site to document digitally their findings, write the script to produce a news report, and then videotape that presentation.
Social Issues 10 to 12
Students work in groups to identify and create a video presentation of a social issue facing America. Students must conduct interviews and research on a topic and create a documentary of the issue and a conclusion.
Bollywood, Philadelphia 9 to 12
Students will create a Bollywood-type musical using digital media.