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Quiz Show Pro

Item #: TG-QSP | Grades 6-12
Status: Grants available!

Grants Available! Thanks to the generousity of Training Games, Inc. the creator of the new Quiz Show Pro, we have perpetual license grants for Digital Wish members. See below for details.

About Quiz Show Pro

Quiz Show Pro Multi-User Training Game is a premier Jeopardy style quiz show game designed for teachers. The Quiz Show Pro game is guaranteed to add fun, engage your learners and improved overall learning retention for every one of your teaching programs. The game acts as a template allowing you to enter your own teaching multiple choice, true/false or open ended questions.

The Quiz Show Pro Multi-User Training Game is built in PowerPoint and has been developed so that you can use the game to present new material as well as review previously covered information. Create hundreds of different games (SAVE AS function) for different teaching subjects with this one application.

Recommended for Middle and High School Grades.

  • Automatically calculates team/player scoring (At the click of a button)
  • Negative scoring (If you’re deducting for incorrect answers)
  • ALL Play Scoring – For when all teams/players are answering a question
  • Value Doubler Questions
  • Final Quiz Show Pro Challenge Question
  • You can design and save hundreds of different games for different subjects using this one application
  • Dynamically set up any game board question configuration in seconds!HELP Documentation
  • Works in PowerPoint PC versions 2010 – 2016

Grant Instructions These are coupon based grants. Each Digital Wish member may request one perpetual 20-teacher multi use license at no cost.

Go to the following link to order your free license:


One license accomodates 20 teachers, so only one teacher from a school needs to order the grant.

Once you are at the Quiz Show Pro product page at the link provided, choose the Quiz Show Pro – Multi-User License (20) product ($119 value) and click the "Add To Cart "

On the next screen enter your zip code and enter this grant code in the Discount box: GJTHR100

Click on any payment option. You'll see the price and full discount. Click on Checkout . After completing required information they would click the button at the bottom of the screen which reads "COMPLETE FREE CHECKOUT".

You will now see a llink to download the game (8.58 MB). You will receive an email from Training Games giving you access instructions to the Members Only Area that contains many other free game downloads. The letter also includes contact information for questions or concerns.
Lesson Plan Name Grades
Make a Memory with Movie Maker 3 to 12
Students create an original story, plan the illustrations and create an audiofile to tell the story. Put everything together on Movie Maker and you have students begging to write more.
Fit or Fat? 6 to 8
Students will be involved in a Science and Health lessons that involve nutrition and exercise. They will create Healthy Snacks and exercise profiles for the class.
Exploring our World through Video 2 to 4
I want to allow students to use video to express their lives and the area in which they live. I also would like for them to learn how to use a camera, import video and create great projects using that video.
Students will use digital cameras and desktop publishing to recreate WANTED posters of the old Wild West. Only this time, they will be looking for good characters!
Movies for Mothers P-K to 5
Students will use photos, drawings, and videos to create a movie using Tool Factory Movie Maker as a heartwarming gift for their mother on Mother's Day.
I Spy With My Little Eye 1 to 1
This is a lesson I used with first grade students. It focuses on color identification, inserting graphics in Word, and word processing.
Writing Prompt 3 to 12
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
Students must stay on topic when given a writing prompt. This lesson will help them think about the process with the end in mind.
Unexplained Phenomenon 4 to 8
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
This unit requires students to conduct research and evaluate credible sources.
Write My Name P-K to P-K
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
In this lesson, students take pictures and use a computer with iMovie to make a digital story of a slowmotion video of how to write their name, so they can practice independently.
Introduction to Programming the Recon Rover 6.0 2 to 3
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
This lesson will demonstrate to the students how to begin programming the Recon Rover 6.0 from SMART Lab as well as introduce them to the online program code.org as they begin to explore coding in the classroom