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ZTE Warp Connect Antenna

Item #: ZTE-WCA

Boost your signal with this Mobile Hotspot BLADE External Antenna Signal Booster

You may significantly increase your internet signal strength by attaching an antenna to the ZTE Warp Connect mobile hotspot. An external antenna is especially useful in fringe (one bar signal strength) signal locations.

  • Sprint ZTE Warp Connect MF920VS Mobile Hotspot World-Band BLADE Antenna w/Laptop Clip Mount
  • Fits Sprint Models: Sprint ZTE Warp Connect MF920VS Mobile Hotspot
  • World-Band Technology - 3G 4G LTE AWS XLTE (700MHz - 2700MHz)
  • Includes - 18" OEM Adapter Cable For Sprint
  • Includes - Adjustable Clip Mount for Easy-On / Easy-Off Mounting


  • This Rugged Antenna Has Been Approved and Sold by Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Other Service Provider Agents Worldwide

  • Advanced Hi-Gain Multi-Band (3G 4G LTE AWS XLTE Data / M2M) Technology Delivers Maximum Reception

  • Up To 5 Times More Signal (3dBi - 5dBi System Gain) Than Your Wireless Equipment Used Inside Vehicles / Homes / Buildings Without External Antenna

  • Omni-Directional / World-Band

  • Supports All Wireless Carriers Technologies & Frequencies: 700MHz 2700MHz For Nationwide/Worldwide Use!

  • Hi-Density Polymer Construction (5.5"Tall x 1"Wide) Assures Superior Durability to Withstand Rigors of Every Day Use

  • For Inside Use Only

  • Includes: 18" OEM Adapter Cable For Sprint

  • Includes: Adjustable Laptop Mounting Clip - Easy-On / Easy-Off Mounting

  • Nationwide / Worldwide Service

  • 1 year Warranty