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Magic Touch Screen Monitors Add-ons
PC, serial 13-15" Monitor
The Magic Touch panel is designed to turn any desktop monitor into a touch screen. $169.00vendor image
Eye Track
Single Unit
Eye Track is designed to support learners of all ages experiencing difficulty with visual perception. Activities cover visual discrimination, visual memory, and visual closure. Eye Track is great for pre-readers, or students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, or ADD. $69.95vendor image
On Track Reading Series - 5 CD Set
Single Unit
The On Track series is designed to develop basic skills in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and vocabulary. Research based and fully accessible, it's ideal for Reading First programs, special ed, and inclusion classrooms. Five programs cover basic reading skills. $264.95vendor image
Sherston Skills Builders - 6 CD Set
Single Unit
interactive, whiteboard, smart, IWB $259.95
Sorting Skills
Single Unit
interactive, whiteboard, smart, IWB $49.95
Autism Bundle
Single Unit
Tool Factory's Autism Bundle brings together a wonderful blend of software titles that encourage collaboration, develop concentration and attention, and inspire imaginative play for students on the Autism Spectrum. $249.00
Touch Bundle
Single Unit
Touch your way into learning with Tool Factory’s Touch Bundle. Complete with a 17” Magic Touch integrated Touch Monitor, this bundle includes a series of early learning titles and games created especially to be used in companion with a touch screen. $1088.95
Think About! 1
Single Unit
Improve memory, attention span, listening, and literacy skills through the adventures of Jasmine and Harry. Developed with reluctant readers in mind, the program can be set to watch an animated story, or read along with the text. $69.95vendor image
Spot on Games
Single Unit
Spot on Games incorporates six games played by pressing a single switch, the space bar or clicking a mouse button. Spot on Games is designed to test or build up timing, reaction, and anticipation skills. There's even a snap game for older users. $59.95vendor image
Identification Skills
Single Unit
interactive, whiteboard, smart, IWB $49.95