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Users who want iGuy Protective Frame for iPad Mini also want...

XYZPrinting da Vinci 1.0 AiO - All in One - 3D Classroom Printer & Scanner
Single Unit
Optical Mini Mouse
Single Unit
IOGEAR's USB Optical Mini Mouse 800 is an excellent tool for small hands. The 800 dpi resolution offers twice the accuracy of standard mice. $9.95
PNY 16 GB microSD High Capacity (microSDHC) - 1 Card
Single Unit
MicroSD cards let you get the most out of your cell phone, PDA, or SmartPhone to download and play music, games, video, and more. Business users will be able to store more email, documents, and presentations for easy access when away from the office. Product Type: microSD High Capacity (microSDHC) $19.49
Science Explorer II
Students enter 6 virtual 3D laboratories and 18 interactive investigations. Topics include: gravity, springs, elastic, and air resistance, human body, living things, planets, conductors and insulators, heat, and materials. Includes scrapbook, quizzes, and a think tank. $59.95
Belkin 5-Outlets Mini Surge Suppressors with USB Charger
Single Unit
Mini Surge Protector with USB charger offers three AC outlets and two powered USB outlets. Perfect for MP3 players and mobile phones. Compact, lightweight surge protector provides complete surge protection through all outlets. 360-degree rotating plug has four locking positions. Mini-USB outlets cannot be used as a USB hub and does not transmit data. The powered USB outlets on this surge protector are intended solely for charging devices that can be charged via a USB interface. Joule rating is 918J. $22.50
Osmo Classroom Kit for Centers
Single Unit
Olympus Tough Outdoor Digital Camera TG 830iHS
Tough on action, but soft on your budget. This Tough camera captures high-quality pictures and HD video of all your outdoor fieldwork projects. Reliable and economical – an ideal combination. $199.99vendor image
Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities Bundle - (PMLD)
Single Unit
Tool Factory’s Severe Disabilities Bundle is a wonderful blend of programs designed to reach students with profound and multiple learning disabilities. From sensory assessment to cause-and-effect activities this bundle will actively engage your students. $450.95
Speech/Language Bundle
Single Unit
Speech & language specialists will love this bundle! Use pitch, tone, volume, and rhythm to activate the engaging learning exercises. Each program employs the use of voice in a different way. $399.95
Music Bundle
Single Unit
Have you students writing their own musical masterpieces with the software titles in Tool Factory’s Musical Bundle. Six software titles will develop the fundamentals of tone, pitch, the musical scale, and more! $249.95