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Users who want Acer Chromebook 11 C731-Touch 4GB- refurbished also want...

Donated hotspots with Mobile Beacon's Unlimited Internet Service
Single Unit
$0.00vendor image
Samsung Chromebook Series 2 11.6" 4GB - refurbished
Single Unit
iPad Mini 16 GB - refurbished
Single Unit
C grade will have light scratches on the digi, but typically not visible when the units is on. Can have minor corner damage, but this will be covered up with the case. Can have a school engraving on the back housing, again, covered by the case. $75.00
BBC Science Simulations 2
Single Unit
With BBC Science Simulations 2 the experiments become more challenging and features are upgraded. Appropriate for ages 7-9 years, the next level from BBC Science Simulations 1, more variables are provided with more focused questions to spark experiments. Now with the new Multi-sim feature you can watch the same experiment with different variables, at the same time! $44.95vendor image