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Clean out your storage areas cluttered with old equipment and get a credit towards new classroom technology!

The Recycle Forward Program helps schools easily recycle old iPads, Chromebooks and MacBooks for a credit on your Digital Wish account to get new technology. We provide a hassle-free way to easily recycle your equipment with guaranteed credits for each one. There is a minimum of 5 devices to recycle and shipping is free!

The Process:

  • Gather the devices that your school wants to recycle. Devices that are the property of your school must be approved for recycling by a school administrator. We also accept iPad, Chromebook and MacBook devices that are personal property you may have collected on a recycling drive.
  • Complete the Recycle Forward Label Request Form. Once submitted, our recycling partner, Tech Defenders will evaluate the recycling request, then send you a shipping label and packing list for the correct number of devices.
  • If you have more than 50 devices, we will contact you for further details about the equipment and provide you with a custom quote.

Recycling Credit Tiers

  • Any Chromebook Working$10/each. Locked/Non-Working: $5/each
  • Any iPad Working:$20/each. Locked/Non-Working: $5/each
  • Any MacBook 2009 or Older$15/each. Locked/Non-Working: $5/each
  • Any MacBook 2010 or Newer$30/each. Locked/Non-Working: $5/each

- All iPad, MacBook, and Chromebook models accepted. Once the devices are received, they will be processed and the credits will be deposited to your Digital Wish account.

Shipping Process

  • Complete the Recycle Forward Label Request Form to submit a box of devices and receive a shipping label. Packing instructions will be sent along with shipping label.
  • Make sure all working devices are unlocked to receive maximum credit
  • Wrap all devices in foam or bubble wrap and place in a secure, double walled cardboard box


Please contact us at 866 344-7758 or [email protected] if you have any questions about this program.