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Cole County, MO
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Belair Elementary School
701 Belair Dr, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-0780

Bible Baptist Chrn Academy
4730 Country Club Dr, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-4541

Blair Oaks Elementary School
6124 Falcon Ln, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-9751

Blair Oaks High School
6124 Falcon Ln, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-9751

Callaway Hills Elem School
2715 State Rd AA, Holts Summit, MO 65043-1241

Cedar Hill Elem School
1510 Vieth Dr, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-1986

Clarence Lawson Elem School
1105 Fairgrounds Rd, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-5443

Cole Co R1 Elementary School
PO Box 430, Russellville, MO 65074-0430

Cole Co R1 High School
PO Box 427, Russellville, MO 65074-0427

Cole Co R1 Middle School
PO Box 430, Russellville, MO 65074-0430

Cole Co R5 School
PO Box 78, Eugene, MO 65032-0078

East Elementary School
1229 E McCarty St, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-4855

H Kenneth Kirchner State Sch
1403 Riverside Dr, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-4253

Helias High School
1305 Swifts Hwy, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-2595

Immaculate Conception School
1208 E McCarty St, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-4198

Immanuel Lutheran School
8231 Tanner Bridge Rd, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-9601

Jefferson City High School
609 Union St, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-2898

Lewis & Clark Middle School
325 Lewis & Clark Dr, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-5586

Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
205 Jefferson Street, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480

Moreau Heights Elem School
1410 Hough Park Rd, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-3628

Nichols Career Center
609 Union St, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-2814

North Elementary School
285 S Summit Dr, Holts Summit, MO 65043-1445

Simonsen 9th Grade Ctr
501 E Miller St, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-3330

South Elementary School
707 Linden Dr, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-2742

Southwest Elementary School
812 St Marys Blvd, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-1451

St Francis Xavier School
7307 Rt M, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-9645

St Joseph Cathedral School
2303 W Main St, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-0915

St Martin School
7206 Saint Martins Ave, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-3035

St Peter School
314 W High St, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-1518

St Stanislaus School
6414 Rt W, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-9649

St Thomas the Apostle School
PO Box 211, Saint Thomas, MO 65076-0211

St. Peter Interparish Catholic Elementary
314 West High Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101

Thomas Jefferson Middle School
1201 Fairgrounds Rd, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-5445

Thorpe J Gordon Elem School
1101 Jackson St, Jefferson Cty, MO 65101-3434

Trinity Lutheran School
812 Stadium Blvd, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-2404

West Elementary School
100 Dix Rd, Jefferson Cty, MO 65109-0962