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Montgomery County, OH
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Alexandria Montessori School
2900 Acosta St, Kettering, OH 45420-3467

Allen Classical Tradition Acad
132 Alaska St, Dayton, OH 45404-1941

Alpha School
300 W National Rd, Vandalia, OH 45377-1928

Archbishop Alter High School
940 E David Rd, Kettering, OH 45429-5512

Ascension School
2001 Woodman Dr, Kettering, OH 45420-2902

Bauer Elementary School
6951 Springboro Pike, Dayton, OH 45449-3699

Bear Elementary School
545 School St, Miamisburg, OH 45342-3049

Beavertown Elementary School
2700 Wilmington Pike, Kettering, OH 45419-2141

Belle Haven Elementary School
4401 Free Pike, Dayton, OH 45416-1219

Belmont High School
2323 Mapleview Ave, Dayton, OH 45420-1889

Beverly Gardens Elem School
5555 Enright Ave, Riverside, OH 45431-2270

Bishop Leibold Sch W Campus
24 S 3rd St, Miamisburg, OH 45342-2839

Blairwood Elementary School
1241 Blairwood Ave, Dayton, OH 45418-2023

Brantwood Elementary School
4350 Schwinn Dr, Dayton, OH 45404-1399

Bright Horizon School
3662 E Patterson Rd, Dayton, OH 45430-1330

Broadmoor Academy
701 E Main St, Trotwood, OH 45426-2927

Brookville High School
106 S Hill St, Brookville, OH 45309-1499

Brookville Middle School
128 S Hill St, Brookville, OH 45309-1498

Butler High School
600 S Dixie Dr, Vandalia, OH 45377-2594

C F Holliday Elementary School
4100 S Dixie Dr, Dayton, OH 45439-2104

Calvary Christian School
748 S Gebhart Church Rd, Miamisburg, OH 45342-3956

Career Academy
441 River Corridor Dr, Dayton, OH 45402-1246

Carlson Elementary School
807 S Gettysburg Ave, Dayton, OH 45408-1517

Carroll High School
4524 Linden Ave, Dayton, OH 45432-3067

Centerville High School
500 E Franklin St, Centerville, OH 45459-5799

Centerville Kdgn Village
6450 Marshall Rd, Centerville, OH 45459-2239

Centerville Pre-School
5900 Hithergreen Dr, Dayton, OH 45429-6039

Chaminade Julienne High School
505 S Ludlow St, Dayton, OH 45402-2606

Charles Loos Elementary School
45 Wampler Ave, Dayton, OH 45405-5123

City Day Cmty School
318 S Main St, Dayton, OH 45402-2716

Colin Powell Leadership Acad
832 Randolph St, Dayton, OH 45408-1749

Colonel White High School
501 Niagara Ave, Dayton, OH 45405-3799

Cornell Heights Elem School
2826 Campus Dr, Dayton, OH 45406-4102

Corpus Christi School
200 Homewood Ave, Dayton, OH 45405-4328

Dayton Academy School
4401 Dayton-Liberty Rd, Dayton, OH 45418-1903

Dayton Boys Preparatory Academy
2400 Hoover Avenue, Dayton, OH 45402

Dayton Catholic Elem School
3805 Kings Hwy, Dayton, OH 45406-3517

Dayton Chrn Sch-Brookville ES
12152 Westbrook Rd, Brookville, OH 45309-9724

Dayton Chrn Sch-Dayton ES
325 Homewood Ave, Dayton, OH 45405-4330

Dayton Chrn Sch-Dayton HS
325 Homewood Ave, Dayton, OH 45405-4330

Dayton Chrn Sch-Dayton MS
501 Hickory St, Dayton, OH 45410-1232

Dayton Chrn Sch-Kettering ES
1412 Dayton Christian Ln, Dayton, OH 45419

Dayton Urban Academy
45 S Main St, Dayton, OH 45402-2015

Demmitt Elementary School
1010 E National Rd, Vandalia, OH 45377-3204

Dixie High School
200 S Fuls Rd, New Lebanon, OH 45345-9119

DPS Transportation Center
4290 n james h mcgee, dayton, OH 45417

Dr John Hole Elementary School
180 W Whipp Rd, Dayton, OH 45459-1856

Driscoll Elementary School
5767 Marshall Rd, Dayton, OH 45429-6024

Dunbar High School
2222 Richley Ave, Dayton, OH 45408-2597

E J Brown Elementary School
48 W Parkwood Dr, Dayton, OH 45405-3445

Eastmont Park Elem School
1480 Edendale Rd, Dayton, OH 45432-3634

Edison Elementary School
228 N Broadway St, Dayton, OH 45407-2699

Edwin Smith Elementary School
1701 Shafor Blvd, Dayton, OH 45419-2511

Englewood Elementary School
702 Albert St, Englewood, OH 45322-1799

Englewood Hills Elem School
508 Durst Dr, Englewood, OH 45322-2399

Esther Dennis Middle School
5120 N Dixie Dr, Dayton, OH 45414-3945

F C MacFarlane Middle School
215 S Paul L Dunbar St, Dayton, OH 45407

Fairview Elementary School
1305 W Fairview Ave, Dayton, OH 45406-5700

Fairview Middle School
2408 Philadelphia Dr, Dayton, OH 45406-1801

Farmersville Elementary School
202 Jackson St, Farmersville, OH 45325-1099

Frank Nicholas Elem School
3846 Vance Rd, Dayton, OH 45439-1239

Franklin Montessori Elem Sch
2617 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45403-2635

Germantown Elementary School
110 Comstock St, Germantown, OH 45327-1097

Gettysburg Pre-School Center
2201 N Gettysburg Ave, Dayton, OH 45406-3237

Gloria Dei Montessori School
615 Shiloh Dr, Dayton, OH 45415-3452

Gorman School
156 Grant St, Dayton, OH 45404-1819

Grace A Greene Academy
503 Edison St, Dayton, OH 45407-2542

Grafton Kennedy Elem School
2655 Wagoner Ford Rd, Dayton, OH 45414-5009

Greenmont Elementary School
1 E Wren Cir, Kettering, OH 45420-2955

Hadley E Watts Middle School
7056 McEwen Rd, Centerville, OH 45459-3299

Harman Elementary School
735 Harman Ave, Dayton, OH 45419-3850

Harold Schnell Elem School
5995 Student St, W Carrollton, OH 45449-2938

Harry Russell Elem School
123 Elementary Dr, W Carrollton, OH 45449-1701

Helke Elementary School
611 Randler Ave, Vandalia, OH 45377-1499

Hickorydale Elementary School
2101 Hickorydale Dr, Dayton, OH 45406-2242

Hillel Academy of Dayton
100 E Woodbury Dr, Dayton, OH 45415-2898

Holy Angels School
223 L St, Dayton, OH 45409-2693

Holy Family Catholic School
121 S Monmouth St, Dayton, OH 45403-2127

Horace Mann Montessori School
715 Krebs Ave, Dayton, OH 45419-4013

Horizon Science Academy - Dayton High School
250 Schoup Mill Road, Dayton, OH 45415

Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown
121 S Monmouth St, Dayton, OH 45403

Immaculate Conception School
2268 S Smithville Rd, Dayton, OH 45420-2754

Incarnation School
45 Williamsburg Ln, Dayton, OH 45459-4218

Indian Riffle Elem School
3090 Glengarry Dr, Kettering, OH 45420-1227

Jefferson Elementary School
1231 N Euclid Ave, Dayton, OH 45407-2098

Jefferson High School
2701 S Union Rd, Dayton, OH 45418-1599

Jefferson Primary School
1223 N Euclid Ave, Dayton, OH 45407-2099

John F Kennedy Elem School
5030 Polen Dr, Kettering, OH 45440-2442

Kemp Elementary School
1923 Gondart Ave., Dayton, OH 45403

Kettering Fairmont High School
3301 Shroyer Rd, Kettering, OH 45429-2635

Kettering Middle School
3000 Glengarry Dr, Kettering, OH 45420-1227

Kinder Elementary School
536 E Central Ave, Miamisburg, OH 45342-2811

Kiser Middle School
1401 Leo St, Dayton, OH 45404-1778

Kitty Hawk Elementary School
5758 Harshmanville Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424-5313

Lamendola Elementary School
5363 Tilbury Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424-3799

Lange School
219 W Dorothy Ln, Dayton, OH 45429-1450

Lincoln School for the Arts
401 Nassau St, Dayton, OH 45410-1932

Longfellow Center
245 Salem Ave, Dayton, OH 45406-5806

Louise Troy Primary School
1665 Richley Ave, Dayton, OH 45408-2550

Lutheran School of Miami Vly
PO Box 68, Dayton, OH 45401-0068

Mad River Middle School
1801 Harshman Rd, Dayton, OH 45424-5019

Madison Park Elementary School
301 S Broadway, Trotwood, OH 45426-3324

Magsig Middle School
192 W Franklin St, Centerville, OH 45459-4799

Mark Twain Elementary School
822 N 9th St, Miamisburg, OH 45342-1833

McNary Elementary School
2400 Hoover Ave, Dayton, OH 45407-1528

Meadowdale Elementary School
4448 Thompson Dr, Dayton, OH 45416-2299

Meadowdale High School
4417 Williamson Dr, Dayton, OH 45416-2199

Medlar View Elementary School
4400 Medlar Rd, Miamisburg, OH 45342-4335

Menlo Park Elementary School
5701 Rosebury Dr, Huber Heights, OH 45424-4351

Miami Chapel Elementary School
1630 Miami Chapel Rd, Dayton, OH 45408-2528

Miami Valley Career Tech Ctr
6800 Hoke Rd, Clayton, OH 45315-8975

Miami Valley School
5151 Denise Dr, Dayton, OH 45429-1999

Miamisburg City Schools
540 E. Park Ave., Miamisburg, OH 45342

Miamisburg Senior High School
1860 Belvo Rd, Miamisburg, OH 45342-3870

Montessori Center of So Dayton
2900 Acosta St, Kettering, OH 45420-3467

Montessori Children's Center
4369 Valley St, Dayton, OH 45424-5155

Montessori School-Centerville
16 E Elmwood Dr, Dayton, OH 45459-4420

Montgomery Preparatory Academy
2745 S Smithville Rd, Dayton, OH 45420

Monticello Elementary School
6523 Alter Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424-3499

Moraine Meadows Elem School
2600 Holman St, Kettering, OH 45439-1632

Morrison Elementary School
2235 Arthur Ave, Dayton, OH 45414-3199

Morton Middle School
231 W National Rd, Vandalia, OH 45377-1936

Mound Elementary School
1108 Range Ave, Miamisburg, OH 45342-3365

Murlin Heights Elem School
8515 N Dixie Dr, Dayton, OH 45414-2496

Neff Elementary School
29 S 6th St, Miamisburg, OH 45342-2855

New Lebanon Elementary School
1150 W Main St, New Lebanon, OH 45345-9760

New Lebanon Middle School
1100 W Main St, New Lebanon, OH 45345-9760

Nicholas-Liberty School
5581 Dayton Liberty Rd, Dayton, OH 45418-1403

Normandy Elementary School
401 Normandy Ridge Rd, Dayton, OH 45459-3138

Northmont High School
4916 National Rd, Clayton, OH 45315-9705

Northmont Middle School
4810 National Rd, Clayton, OH 45315-9714

Northmoor Elementary School
4421 Old Salem Rd, Englewood, OH 45322-2698

Northridge High School
2251 Timber Ln, Dayton, OH 45414-4599

Northview School
8114 N Main St, Dayton, OH 45415-1799

Northwood Elementary School
6200 Noranda Dr, Dayton, OH 45415-2023

Nu Bethel Center of Excellence
3560 Siebenthaler Ave, Dayton, OH 45406

O R Edgington Elementary Sch
515 N Main St, Englewood, OH 45322-1304

Oakview Elementary School
4001 Ackerman Blvd, Kettering, OH 45429-4609

Oakwood High School
1200 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45419-3199

Oakwood Junior High School
1200 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45419-3118

Oakwood Preparatory Academy
151 Aberdeen Ave., Dayton, OH 45419

Olive Hill Elementary School
1250 Olive Rd, Dayton, OH 45426-3248

Omega School of Excellence
1821 Emerson Ave, Dayton, OH 45406-4802

Orchard Park Elementary School
600 E Dorothy Ln, Kettering, OH 45419-1923

Orville Wright Elem School
200 S Wright Ave, Dayton, OH 45403-2852

Our Lady of Mercy School
545 Odlin Ave, Dayton, OH 45405-2798

Our Lady of the Rosary School
40 Notre Dame Ave, Dayton, OH 45404-1924

Patterson Career Ctr High Sch
118 East 1st St, Dayton, OH 45402-1215

Patterson-Kennedy Elem School
258 Wyoming St, Dayton, OH 45409-2824

Phillipsburg Elementary School
PO Box 10, Phillipsburg, OH 45354-0010

Prass Elementary School
2601 Parklawn Dr, Kettering, OH 45440-1251

Precious Blood School
4870 Denlinger Rd, Dayton, OH 45426-2090

Primary Village North
6450 Marshall Rd., Centerville, OH 45459

Primary Village South
8388 Paragon Road, Dayton, OH 45458

Queen of Martyrs School
4128 Cedar Ridge Rd, Dayton, OH 45414-3987

Radcliff Heights Middle School
120 Knox Ave, Dayton, OH 45427-1723

Resurrection Catholic School
138 Gramont Ave, Dayton, OH 45417-2218

Rhea Academy
113 E 3rd St, Dayton, OH 45402-2129

Richard Allen Academy
700 Heck Ave, Dayton, OH 45408-2641

Roth Leadership Academy
4535 Hoover Ave, Dayton, OH 45417-1119

Rushmore Elementary School
7701 Berchman Dr, Huber Heights, OH 45424-2112

Ruskin Elementary School
407 Ambrose ct, Dayton, OH 45410

Salem Christian Academy
PO Box 309, Clayton, OH 45315-0309

Saville Elementary School
5800 Burkhardt Rd, Riverside, OH 45431-2932

Shilohview Elementary School
5600 Elgin Roof Dr, Dayton, OH 45426-1816

Smith Middle School
3625 Little York Rd, Dayton, OH 45414-2454

South Dayton Prep School
3500 S Kettering Blvd, Kettering, OH 45439-2015

Southdale Elementary School
1200 W Dorothy Ln, Kettering, OH 45409-1307

Southview School
25 Thorpe Dr, Dayton, OH 45420-1823

Spinning Hills Middle School
5001 Eastman Ave, Dayton, OH 45432-1499

Spring Valley Academy
1461 E Spring Valley Pike, Centerville, OH 45458-2745

St Albert the Great School
104 W Dorothy Ln, Dayton, OH 45429-1449

St Anthony School
1824 Saint Charles Ave, Dayton, OH 45410-2501

St Charles Borromeo School
4600 Ackerman Blvd, Dayton, OH 45429-5506

St Christopher School
405 E National Rd, Vandalia, OH 45377-2395

St Helen School
5086 Burkhardt Rd, Riverside, OH 45431-2000

St Luke School
1442 N Fairfield Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45432-2697

St Peter School
6185 Chambersburg Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424-3898

St Rita School
251 Erdiel Dr, Dayton, OH 45415-3651

Stebbins High School
1900 Harshman Rd, Dayton, OH 45424-5097

Stingley Elementary School
95 Linden Dr, Centerville, OH 45459-4530

Stivers School for Arts
1313 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45402-2222

Studebaker Middle School
5950 Longford Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424-2943

Summit Academy Dayton - THS
1407 E. Third St, Dayton, OH ohio

Temple Christian School
1707 Ohmer Ave, Dayton, OH 45410-3016

Timberlane Elem School
2131 Timber Ln, Dayton, OH 45414-4530

Titus Elementary School
5954 Longford Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424

Tower Heights Middle School
195 N Johanna Dr, Centerville, OH 45459-4625

Townview Elementary School
5280 Gardendale Ave, Trotwood, OH 45427-2103

Trade & Technology Prep School
140 N Keowee St, Dayton, OH 45402-1309

Trotwood Madison High School
221 E Trotwood Blvd, Trotwood, OH 45426-3153

Trotwood Madison Middle School
3594 N Snyder Rd, Trotwood, OH 45426-3835

Union Elementary School
418 W Martindale Rd, Union, OH 45322-3099

Valerie Elementary School
4020 Bradwood Dr, Dayton, OH 45405-1125

Valley Forge Elementary School
7191 Troy Mnr Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424-2614

Valley View High School
6027 Farmrsvl-Germntwn, Germantown, OH 45327

Valley View Middle School
64 Comstock St, Germantown, OH 45327-1098

Van Buren Middle School
3775 Shroyer Rd, Kettering, OH 45429-2735

Van Cleve Sch for Arts-McGufey
1032 Webster St, Dayton, OH 45404-1554

Virginia Stevenson Elem School
805 Harshman Rd, Riverside, OH 45431-1238

W O Cline Elementary School
99 Virginia Ave, Centerville, OH 45458-2246

Walter Shade Early Chldhd Ctr
510 E Pease Ave, W Carrollton, OH 45449-1359

Wantz Middle School
122 S 7th St, Miamisburg, OH 45342-2466

Wayne High School
5400 Chambersburg Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424-3798

Webster Elementary School
1115 Keifer St, Dayton, OH 45404-1724

Weisenborn Middle School
6061 Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights, OH 45424-3642

Weller Elementary School
9600 Sheehan Rd, Centerville, OH 45458-4110

West Carrollton High School
5833 Student St, W Carrollton, OH 45449-2999

West Carrollton Middle School
424 E Main St, W Carrollton, OH 45449-1310

West Carrollton School District
430 E Pease Ave, West Carrollton, OH 45449

West Park Academy
111 Xenia Ave, Dayton, OH 45410-1523

Westbrook Elementary School
75 June Pl, Brookville, OH 45309-1621

Westbrooke Vlg Elem School
6500 Westford Rd, Trotwood, OH 45426-1123

Wilbur Wright Middle School
1361 Huffman Ave, Dayton, OH 45403-3016

Wogaman Technology Magnet Sch
2716 Germantown St, Dayton, OH 45408-2132

Wow! Accelerated Learning Ctr
4411 Oakridge Dr, Dayton, OH 45417-1144