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Jefferson County, TX
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Academy of Beaumont
1275 Cedar St, Beaumont, TX 77701-2718

All Saints Episcopal School
4108 Delaware St, Beaumont, TX 77706-7803

Alternative Education Center
220 N 17th St, Nederland, TX 77627-5029

Alternative School
1810 Port Neches Ave, Port Neches, TX 77651-2624

Amelia Elementary School
565 S Major Dr, Beaumont, TX 77707-1598

Austin Middle School
3410 Austin St, Beaumont, TX 77706-3099

Bingman Elementary School
5265 S Kenneth St, Beaumont, TX 77705

Blanchette Elementary School
2400 Lela St, Beaumont, TX 77705-3213

C.O. Wilson Middle School
220 17th Street, Nederland, TX 77627

Caldwood Elementary School
102 Berkshire Ln, Beaumont, TX 77707-2099

Cathedral Christian School
2350 Eastex Frwy, Beaumont, TX 77703-4626

Central Middle School
220 N 17th St, Nederland, TX 77627-5029

Central Senior High School
88 Jaguar Dr, Beaumont, TX 77702-2336

Christian Heritage Academy
8001 Old Voth Rd, Beaumont, TX 77708-2308

Christian School of Beaumont
2455 Commerce St, Beaumont, TX 77703-5015

Curtis Elementary School
6225 N Circuit Dr, Beaumont, TX 77706-4310

Dequeen Elementary School
740 Dequeen Blvd, Port Arthur, TX 77640-6205

Dishman Elementary School
3475 Champion Dr, Beaumont, TX 77707-6411

Dowling Elementary School
6301 Pat Ave, Port Arthur, TX 77640-1256

Dunbar Elementary School
825 Jackson St, Beaumont, TX 77701-5960

Eagle Project Charter School
3775 College St, Beaumont, TX 77701-4619

Edison Middle School
3501 12th St, Port Arthur, TX 77642-3518

Fehl Elementary School
3350 Blanchette St, Beaumont, TX 77701-4706

Field Elementary School
4315 Concord Rd, Beaumont, TX 77703-1801

Fletcher Elementary School
1055 Avenue F, Beaumont, TX 77701-5199

Franklin Elementary School
1000 10th St, Port Arthur, TX 77640-5458

French Elementary School
3525 Cleveland St, Beaumont, TX 77703-3435

Groves Elementary School
3901 Cleveland Ave, Groves, TX 77619-5262

Groves Middle School
5201 Wilson St, Groves, TX 77619-6051

Guess Elementary School
8055 Voth Rd, Beaumont, TX 77708-2338

Hamshire Fannett Elem School
23395 Burrell Wingate Rd, Beaumont, TX 77705-9182

Hamshire Fannett High School
12552 2nd St, Hamshire, TX 77622-9402

Hamshire Fannett Interm School
11407 Dugat Rd, Beaumont, TX 77705-9024

Hamshire Fannett Middle School
11375 Dugat Rd, Beaumont, TX 77705-9022

Harmony Science Academy - Beaumont
4055 Calder, Beaumont, TX 77706

Helena Park Elementary School
220 N 17th St, Nederland, TX 77627-5029

Highland Park Elementary Sch
220 N 17th St, Nederland, TX 77627-5029

Hillcrest Elementary School
220 N 17th St, Nederland, TX 77627-5029

Homer Drive Elementary School
8950 Homer Dr, Beaumont, TX 77708-1437

Hughen School
2849 9th Ave, Port Arthur, TX 77642-3999

Jefferson Co Youth Academy
Rt 4 Box 1000, Beaumont, TX 77705-9804

Jefferson High School
2200 Jefferson Dr, Port Arthur, TX 77642-1850

Lamar Cmty Guidance Center
501 W 17th St, Port Arthur, TX 77640-3270

Langham Elementary
415 N.36th St, Nederland, TX 77627

Langham Elementary School
220 17th St, Nederland, TX 77627

Lee Elementary School
3939 Delaware Dr, Port Arthur, TX 77642-3051

Lincoln High School
1023 Abe Lincoln Ave, Port Arthur, TX 77640-4918

Lucas Elementary School
1750 E Lucas Dr, Beaumont, TX 77703-1111

M L King Middle School
1400 Avenue A, Beaumont, TX 77701-5201

Marshall Middle School
6455 Gladys Ave, Beaumont, TX 77706-3230

Martin Elementary School
3500 Pine St, Beaumont, TX 77703-3622

Memorial High School
3501 Staff Sgt. Lucian Adams Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642

Mike Taylor Career Center
2330 North St, Beaumont, TX 77702-1723

Msgr Kelly Catholic HS
5950 Kelly Dr, Beaumont, TX 77707-3503

Nederland Admin
220 17th Street, Nederland, TX 77627

Nederland High School
220 N 17th St, Nederland, TX 77627-5029

New Life Christian Academy
6655 Hwy 105, Beaumont, TX 77708-3606

Oaks Education Center
9055 Manion Dr, Beaumont, TX 77706-3856

Odom Academy
2550 W Virginia St, Beaumont, TX 77705-4622

Ogden Elementary School
2300 Victoria St, Beaumont, TX 77701-7052

Our Mother of Mercy Cath Sch
3360 Sarah St, Beaumont, TX 77705-3022

Ozen High School
3443 Fannett Rd, Beaumont, TX 77705-1395

Pathways Learning Center
1800 Tulane St, Beaumont, TX 77703-3938

Paul A Brown Alternative Ctr
1900 Pope St, Beaumont, TX 77703-3918

Pease Elementary School
5924 Jade Ave, Port Arthur, TX 77640-1020

Phillis Wheatley Elem School
800 El Vista Rd, Port Arthur, TX 77640

Pietzsch-MacArthur Elem School
4301 Highland Ave, Beaumont, TX 77705-3819

Port Neches Elementary School
2101 Llano St, Port Neches, TX 77651-3702

Port Neches Middle School
2031 Llano St, Port Neches, TX 77651-3701

Port Neches-Groves High School
1401 Merriman St, Port Neches, TX 77651-2952

Pre-School Center
5840 W Jefferson St, Groves, TX 77619-3725

Price Elementary School
3350 Waverly St, Beaumont, TX 77705-1299

Regina Howell Elementary Sch
5850 Regina Ln, Beaumont, TX 77706-2548

Ridgewood Elementary School
2820 Merriman St, Port Neches, TX 77651-5309

Sabine Pass School
PO Box 1148, Sabine Pass, TX 77655-1148

Sam Houston Elementary School
3245 36th St, Port Arthur, TX 77642-4528

Sister Thea Bowman Academy
3617 Gulfway Dr, Port Arthur, TX 77642-3675

Smith Middle School
4415 Concord Rd, Beaumont, TX 77703-1803

South Park Middle School
4500 Highland Ave, Beaumont, TX 77705-5299

Southerland School
1965 Southerland St, Beaumont, TX 77705-1762

St Anne Catholic School
375 N 11th St, Beaumont, TX 77702-1834

St Anthony Cathedral School
850 Forsythe St, Beaumont, TX 77701-2812

St Catherine of Siena School
3840 Woodrow Dr, Port Arthur, TX 77642-2322

Stephen F Austin Mid High Sch
2441 61st St, Port Arthur, TX 77640-6942

Stilwell Technical Center
4801 9th Ave, Port Arthur, TX 77642-5835

Sycamore Elementary School
1608 S 29th St, Nederland, TX 77627-7802

Taft Elementary School
2500 Taft Ave, Port Arthur, TX 77642-0359

Tekoa Academy
326 Thomas Blvd, Port Arthur, TX 77640-5242

Travis Elementary School
1115 Lakeview Ave, Port Arthur, TX 77642-0610

Triangle SDA School
PO Box H, Groves, TX 77619-1256

Tyrrell Elementary School
4401 Ferndale Dr, Port Arthur, TX 77642-2032

United Christian Academy
2700 25th St, Port Arthur, TX 77640-2860

Van Buren Elementary School
6400 Van Buren St, Groves, TX 77619-5691

Vincent Middle School
350 Eldridge Dr, Beaumont, TX 77707-1620

Washington Elementary School
1300 Texas Ave, Port Arthur, TX 77640-4021

West Brook Senior High School
8750 Phelan Blvd, Beaumont, TX 77706-5133

Wilson Middle School
220 N 17th St, Nederland, TX 77627-5029

Woodcrest Elementary School
1522 Heisler St, Port Neches, TX 77651-2299