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Tools for Teachers

Register on Digital Wish
Create a profile and make a wish list. Then use Digital Wish to fundraise and make your community aware of your classroom's technology needs.
Lesson Plan Library
Browse a free lesson plan library with extensive ideas on using digital technology in the classroom.
Digital Wish Grants!
Register on Digital Wish, and you're automatically eligible to win 43 Digital Wish Grants. Add a lesson plan to increase your chances of winning.
Fundraising Ideas
Explore creative, easy and fun ways to fundraise for your school.
Grants Library
Search a database of educational grants available from third party sources.
Easy Letter Writing Campaign
Download printable resources and run a letter-writing campaign to raise money for technology in your classroom.
Printable Flyers
Print flyers and run a quick fundraiser. We have flyers to tell other teachers about Digital Wish, to advertise your wish list to parents and community members, or to foster local business donations.
Five Minute Fundraiser
Just print forms directly from your wish list, and distribute. Or simply email your wish list to potential supporters.