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Corporate Programs
Our online fundraising tools give PTAs and classroom supporters a hassle-free way to set up online giving with credit card processing in just a few mouse clicks. Our customer service staff is ready to help you get started.

Digital Wish collects a small 8% fee for online fundraising to cover the costs associated with running this service. This fee covers the following:
  • Credit card companies charge us up to 3% per transaction to process donations.
  • Our servers host your online giving page.
  • Our secure credit card transaction processing ensures your online donations are safe.
  • Our friendly customer service staff works full-time to support you. Call us any time!
  • We call every school and institution that receives a donation to ensure they are legitimate non-profit organizations or public schools. We then confirm their mailing address so that all donated products go to the right place.
  • We call to make sure that every teacher receiving a donation is a legitimate educator at their listed institution.
  • We provide great fundraising tools that let you easily manage fundraisers and recruit team members.

For a $50 donation, only $4.00 would go towards covering these administrative tasks. We strive to keep this percentage as low as possible so that you can maximize the funds going into classrooms.

The 8% fee is collected at the end of your fundraising drive when you transfer the funds to the beneficiary school. Please call us at (866) 344-7758 with any questions.