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Leaps and Bounds 1
Leaps and Bounds 2
Letter Olympics - For B/D Reversals
Making Creatures
Musical Leaps and Bounds
On Track Reading Series - 5 CD Set
Touch It Animals
Touch It Clothes
Touch It Everyday Objects
Touch It Food
Touch It Gardens
Touch It Series - 6 CD set
Touch It Transport
SEMERC is the UK's leading publisher of IT resources for learners of all ages with special educational needs. They provide a wide range of products and services.

SEMERC works in partnership with charities, universities, support organizations and special education practitioners to develop original, high quality materials to enhance learning. Their products and services include a comprehensive range of award-winning software, expert training, specialist hardware and consultancy services.
Company Website: http://www.semerc.com
Other Website: Visit SEMERC's Website