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BBP Bags
BBP stands for "bum back pack". Our bags are good for folks with "bum backs" (i.e. bad backs) and our bags are super ergonomic backpaks that hang low near your "bum".

BBP's Urbanomic™ (urban + ergonomic) designed bags feature hip styles, colors and functionality while never compromising on quality, your back nor your wallet. We at BBP Bags also realize the importance of helping our community and are dedicated to donating a portion of our profits to local, national and international charities. At BBP Bags, we believe that we can make a difference one bum at a time.

How It All Started
Sean Lee founded BBP in 2005 after suffering for 9 years with 3 herniated discs. While working as a consultant, he carried heavy laptop bags and wanted a better bag. Sean decided to combine backpack straps with a messenger style laptop bag fusing an urban inspired, super ergonomic bag to reduce strain on your back as it hangs low on your "bum"…hence the name "bum back pack".
Company Website: http://www.bbpbags.com/