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Algebra Cheat Sheet provides you with the quick reference of formulas in Algebra.

Topics include:
1. Basic Properties and Facts (includes properties of radicals, exponents, logarithms etc.,
2. Factoring and Solving equations
3. Methods of solving Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Solving equations with Square roots, Solving Equations with Absolute Values
4. Functions and graphs for parabola, eclipse, Hyperbola, circle etc.,
5. Common Algebraic Errors.

You can refer to this cheat sheet as a quick reference of algebraic formulas.

Recent changes:
Change log V 5.2:
(a) The text was made crisp and clear
(b) This app will now take only 25% of the memory compared to the previous version and requires less memory to run.
(c) Resources are efficiently designed and allocated

Note: This update is strongly recommended for all the existing users.

Content rating: Everyone
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by Delaney
- 03/29/2012

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by Rain
- 07/13/2011
Change log please .

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by Ria
- 07/07/2011
Its different from the solution i know its more hard